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Thread: Could a "where to buy diapers" list be created ??

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    Default Could a "where to buy diapers" list be created ??

    Trying to find decent diapers/nappies is quite a chore espcially if you cant use the internet, How about a page which lists the shops, address, and opening times for places in the uk.

    i emailed Lidl about there supplys in my local Lidl and they Quickley and very nicley, Found out for me,

    "They said the shops do have them but are held in the ware house just ask a member of staff and they will get them for you"

    KK thats not likeley to happen, lol

    but food for thought !!

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    a list for the site would be a bit big. your location shows 'oxon' but you say you're from red-rose country in your intro. i'm in east lancs and can name a few shops, if that's handy?

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    A comprehensive list of where to get diapers would be pointless, as it would easily surpass several million entries and be impossible to maintain. You couldn't even simplify it by dumping the same chain stores into the same category, as not all of them will stock the same products (e.g. there are 3 rite-aid stores in my area, only one carries depends fitted). Stores also change what kind of stuff they stock quite frequently, so even if you were able to compile the list it would be out of date and useless within weeks.

    That said, it's much easier to either google it yourself (it took me about an hour of googling medical supply stores and I found one that carried molicare in my area), or give an approximate location (e.g. "near san diego") and ask if anyone knows of any.

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    I've thought about this, it would be helpful for certain. Not so much for the cheapie diapers like Depends or store brands, but brick-and-mortar stores where premium brands can be bought. Google sucks for this, frankly; and such an list can be setup the ability for comments and ratings, so any changes can be documented.

    It really wouldn't be all that difficult once a good database was setup.

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    You'll have better luck googling the chemist stores (hehe, learning Britt lingo) that you know around your area, to see their current selection.

    You can then look for reviews on those brands to see which are best. Also try searching something along 'medical supply stores near Oxford, UK' and things like that.

    Also, look for where other users here from in your region order online.

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    hey , yes i used to live in oxford, then i returned home to lancashire over lancster way, but theres only 1 shop here that sells them and there bad, Oh and lidl, sometimes which are sliglty better, althoug you have to ask a shop assitant who duley goes and collects from the back of the shop but if you could tell me were in east lancashire and i will driv over

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    sticking to the real borders of Lancashire (the ones drawn in blood), i offer a number of suppliers across the west, south and east of Lancs:

    the two #'d are definitely retail outlets, but you'd have to check the others to be sure. another you'd need to check is, I C R Shiloh Active Care, Lion M Fitton Street Oldham OL25JX Phone(01616) 527 400. you used to be able to pop in and buy or get samples, but that was a long time ago, as with some of the others.
    there's also a LLoyds chemists in Blackley, 1190 - 1192 Rochdale Road, near Manchester, where you can just pop in and they have/had a small selection of Kendall Lille, but you may need to ask if there's nowt on t' shelf. handy for it's location (right at the motorway junction with parking around the back - see on google maps for detail).

    oh, and The Help Shop is currently changing it's stock to primarily Tena, from Attends.

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    I happen to think that a list of stores and Ebay Sellers with reviews would be very nice, however many people disagreed with the concept.

    Here is a thread pertaining to a similar topic.

    Since ADISC is not a commercial site, we have had issues in the past with promoting (or blacklisting) websites, and are still having issues with it to this day (*cough* ABU *cough*).

    For now, I recommend that we keep this thread going, and list shops that we like and trust.

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