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Thread: my introduction from thumper

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    Red face my introduction from thumper

    hi i am thumper. I am verry cheerful, easy going, andopen minded. am a verry good listener and try to help when i can. I am middle aged but don't care to be or act like my age. [ only at work when i have to be a grown up.] i would rather be a 4 year old girl which i am most of the time when not working. I have been treated like a sissy girl most of my life. even raised like a girl once my parents discovered i would rather play with girl things. To include plaing dress up and house. Ididnt like to play with cars or play sports and i still dont care for sports. I live out in the boondocks u,s.a. Iam not looking for anything in pertickular just need some friends that i can relate to. I am incontenant due to a injury when i was 16 { car wreck} that destroyed nerves in my back. Ilike going to the movies faverit ones repunzel and encanted. mostly like kids movies and fantasy. i collect baby dolls and have several that i play with as well as stuffed anamals. I wach a lot of tv. mostly dance and ballet, and game shows. Iwork at wall-mart clothing department {kids and infants }. Iam looking forpeople that i can talk to /relate to and feel comfortable with . mostly to get confidence and positive support from.

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    Welcome Thumper!

    You will easily find others on this site that are like you! Simply look in the forums and try to see which pertains to you the most, and there are hundreds of posts for you to read! If you have any problems with this aspect of yourself, everyone here is willing to help!

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