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Thread: wearing in college lectures...

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    Default wearing in college lectures...

    Abena X-pluses in a college lecture? Could I pull it off? I know they are somewhat thick, but are they too noisy to hide?

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    Unless it is a high level class with only a few people and you would have to walk up to the front I can't see anyone noticing. If it was a huge 200+ person lecture in a theatre style room you could get away with wearing a sleeper over it.

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    Hi, S1000rr! Welcome to ADISC!

    Yeah, I'm with MasterPython: Best keep it to those massive lecture halls and avoid the classrooms. And wear loose clothes!

    When I was in college, I several times wore diapers to class, but I could never bring myself to use them. That was just as well, as I was mostly wearing Pampers, and, at the same time, consuming massive quantities of soda, so... it would have been a disaster!


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    I work at a university and wore a diaper to work every day for the better part of ten years, no one ever said a thing to me about noticeing I was diapered. I even used my diapers daily and was not noticed. If you use your diaper just change it between classes.

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    Their great for long lectures I haft to about every 45min and leaving that often would draw more attention than my padded bottom ever has, a well fitted daiper and underwear over them along with loose clothes makes them nearly invisible and packing a spare or 2 in your bkpack is generally a good idea. anyway best of luck, hope this helps.

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    I am curently wearing two large ABU Chushies and have wet them twice and so far no one has seemed to have noticed.

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    Honestly, as long as you wear the right combination of loose fitting clothing over the top, you can get away with an M4 (X-Plus) anywhere.

    I've been to several parties at my buddies house wearing an M4, and have gotten quite drunk. This past summer when i told him about my DL side, he said he had no idea.

    This past St. Patrick's day, I wore an M4 while bar hopping with my friends. I was in close contact with about 200 people, not one had a clue.

    Just be careful if your going to be DUI. [Diapered Under the Influence] The last time I went bar hopping with my buddy, I wore an M4, and although i only had four drinks, I still managed to leak in public. Your judgment truly is impaired while drunk, because i got the warning sign that it was at its limit, but....

    Just keep two things in mind, Wear loose clothing, because that M4 is going to get quite a bit thicker, and when the diaper tells you it's full, it's full.

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    Nobody will notice if you're diapered in public. Period. You'd pretty much have to wear spandex for people to notice a diaper bulge.

    Most people are not looking at your butt, and if they are, the question of whether or not you're wearing a diaper is not only the furthest thing from their minds, but they have no idea to recognize it if they see it. As AB/DLs who deal with diapers regularly, it's easy to get caught up in what we ourselves have learned to recognize without considering that other people probably have never knowingly come across 20-year-olds who wear diapers.

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    As an IC person I get worried by other people who worry about having noticeable diapers - I find myself wondering if I have been spotted but I don't think people realise I am diapered when I go to meetings, Church, Shops etc. and there must be thousands of similarly diapered IC people who do everyday things week in and week out without anyone noticing. Just be careful (as others have said) about the choice of clothing and don't choose a obviously fluffy and bulky diaper for wear where you will be in close proximity to other people.

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    Said it in another thread but the next size down M3 is just as absorbent according to XPmedical and is a bit thinner. You can wear dress slacks with these and still be very inconspicuous.They hold 2-3 good size wettings for me and I am a bit of a flooder so I am positive they would be perfect for even a 3 hour lecture.

    But as has been said, if you wear loose clothing you are NOT going to ever be noticed. Wearing a hoodie or an button-down shirt to cover your butt will also give you more confidence. I wish I could still wear that, but in the office I have to wear slacks and tucked in shirts. If it is decently cool in the office I will wear a blazer.... I just wish I could hide a spare diaper in the blazer so I could comfortably change in the bathrooms without having to bring my backpack. I work in a small office so there is literally NO reason why I would need to bring my backpack with me...

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