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Thread: Trying to accept I'm a Diaper Lover- Wish it would go away

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    Default Trying to accept I'm a Diaper Lover- Wish it would go away

    Hello everyone.

    Finally brought myself to signing up. I am happy that I finally joined yet at the same time feel everything about being a Diaper Lover is wrong. I am just having issues(like I'm sure most of us have had) accepting the fact I like to wear diapers. But joining the forum, is a big step in the right direction. I hope. I have binged and purged diapers several times since I was 15. I am 19 and a guy btw haha. However, I have never actually finished a package of diapers before tossing them all out. I need*** to accept myself but can't :(. I have Abena x-pluses coming in tomorrow, and I really want to finish a whole pack for once.

    I want to be able to accept myself for liking to wear and to use diapers, but I feel like this is wrong. I feel guilt and shame for joining the forum, for labeling myself a diaper lover, and simply because I like something that is kinda really disgusting. (however it doesn't feel disgusting when binging) so confused and guilty-ridden about being a Diaper Lover.

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    Some people have drugs and alcohol as an outlet, some people like all kinds of things. It's totally fine I promise! I know that was a bad comparison, but it's a commonly used one. Don't be ashamed of something that makes you, well, you...and don't think it dictates who you are or even your life in the most minute sense of, like i said before, an outlet.

    This forum is to help support you, and we will do all we can if you decide to contribute ^^ Besides, theres discussions on more than our common bond anyway, sooo yeah!

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    I've totally been there. If I had an easy answer, I'd give it, but I have to say I still struggle with this. Being comfortable with myself is not something that comes easily to me to start with, and having an interest like this makes it even more difficult. I guess I just don't worry about a label. Try to see yourself not just as a DL by identity, but as a regular person with this on the side. I don't feel like I have to choose between being a "normal" member of society and enjoying something like diapers. It's taken me a while to get here, but I encourage you to think that through.


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    There are worse things. Be grateful that you can leave the diapers in a drawer when you need to deal with other facets of your life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    Be grateful that you can leave the diapers in a drawer when you need to deal with other facets of your life.

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    Thank you everyone. Everything said is helpful, but accepting this part of me will be difficult. A large part of me wants to reject diapers and to never consider accepting this as a part of me. Why must I like something so weird??? I'd take being normal over diaper lover any day :/

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    Ive had similar struggles, but there are fetishes that alot more weird than liking to wear diapers. I'm just throwing this comment out there but (not to be rude) I'm guessing the reason why you feel this way (if you have had a bedwetting problem at an earlyer age) is be maby your parents "got on your case" (so to speak) about you wetting the bed, and thats why you feel ashamed. but like SilentWhisper said its part of what makes you, you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S1000rr View Post
    I'd take being normal over diaper lover any day :/
    You might not feel like it, but you are probably just as normal as anybody else. Everybody has a dark side, I can almost guarantee it. I'd even be willing to say that some "normal" people probably have a harder time with their dark side than you do. As diaper lovers, we actually have it pretty easy: Our interests are perfectly legal; we are in no way causing any harm to anyone; we can easily obtain what we need to fulfill our desires; and finally, we can get on with our lives whenever we need to. I know you probably don't feel as optimistic about this whole thing as I do, but the sooner you realize that being a DL isn't so bad, the sooner you will be at ease with yourself.

    Anyway, a big warm welcome to the forum. I hope that you'll eventually find yourself at home here. ADISC is a truly awesome community that is willing to help you with any issue you might have.

    See you around,


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    i used to feel the same way you do, and sometimes i still do. but one day, a good friend said to me in PE at school, "People are gonna judge you, we all like different things, it's life. But being yourself is doing what you like to do and quite honestly, fuck the people who don't accept you because you're enjoying yourself and they're not..."

    i don't know, whenever i had second thoughts about some of my actions i think of what he said to me and it make everything better.

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    HI S1000rr
    welcome to adisc, firstly you are not a freak, wierd, strange, creepy or anything else, Secondly just about everyone on here can empathise with the binge/purge cycle you are going through, as probably 99% of us have been there. You say you like to wear and use, so what is it you get out of it? Is it sexual? Or something else? whatever the reason there will be several people that will identify with you. Adisc is a great site the amount of support that is available is fantastic as is the amount of knowledge, so worry not, we will get you through a while pack of nappies. The feelings of guilt will probably stay with you, but will get less over time.

    This fetish that we share is an odd one and often a lonely one, unless you are lucky enough to find someone to share it with. Why do you feel disgusted by it? has someone, somewhere in your past made you think like that about nappies. I know I have hang ups going back to my childhood, which means I hate messy nappies. But this hobby or whatever you want to call it doesn't hurt anyone, is clean, like I said can be lonely, but you shouldn'yt be kicking yourself for it as the chances are you really don't have a choice. Many people try to give, yo, I've know people to give away hundreds of 's worth of nappies and clothing and furniture only to start collecting down the line. Even people that see therapists and go to counselling and group sessions don't really find a 'cure', I think they just learn to really bury their feelings. but that's noit good, far easier to put a nappy on, stick a dummy in your mouth and wet yourself and feel relaxed afterwards.

    So talk to us, ask questions, question yourself, we'll help all we can.

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