i have alway wanted to wear nappies well on and off i get urges to wear them but i have never done it. I don't know i could do it.

A while back i thought i was finally getting to do it as i convinced a friend that we are some other friends would go out and buy some drynites (goodnites) or underjams and wear them and get our other friends to wear them but it fell apart we went in but they both decided it was a bad idea and not to do it. Well that what i said.

i still really want to wear some but now i don't think a can do it with my friends cause they will think i am really strange. i can't tell my parent cause it just wouldn't work.

what do i do?

PS. i can't go out by my self or walk any distance as i have a heart condition at the moment so i could just go out to the shops and buy some then hide them.
and i don't think i could get away with ordering the free samples :'(

what should i do just try and get over it or find another way any help?