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Thread: Question about AB recieving advice/support from TBs

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    Default Question about AB recieving advice/support from TBs

    Ok, I've posted much of my back story recently, so I'll try to sum up quickly here. While I've felt like this for as long as I can remember, I've only worn diapers on two occasions in the 12 years since I was 21(my first time). This is the first time I've ever joined any community of this type.

    Almost every question I've had, when I do a search I see an open question like mine in the TB forums. If I had advice/ support to offer I wouldn't have a problem posting it there but when I'm the one asking for that same advice/support I would feel awkward to post in Teen Baby.

    I guess the best comparison to how I feel would be someone who never learned how to ski and gets put into a bunny slope class with a bunch of six year olds(I hope no one takes this the wrong way). Should I fight that awkward feeling and post in TB or should I just lurk for info there and post all my questions here in AB?

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    I would say post new threads in the AB section as you are not a teen.
    Im certain the TBs read the AB forum as surely as you read the TB one, and will respond when appropriate.

    Answering questions in the TB forum should not be a problem.

    Just my

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    The same people tend to visit both forums equally and so the quality of advice you will get shouldn't differ, so no need to worry.

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    Just post in the AB forum when you have a general question about AB related things, and take the advice that's given, whether it's from an adult or a minor. Advice is advice either way. If it wasn't, then what would you call this post?

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