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Thread: Baby or Toddler Shows and Diapers

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    Default Baby or Toddler Shows and Diapers

    I was wondering how many of us like to watch Sprout, the Disney Channel and NickJr? Do you like to watch them with diapers and what are your favorite shows. Is there a baby/toddler show that you cant stand?

    I Like to watch Sprout and the Disney Channel both wearing diapers and not wearing diapers. On the Sprout Channel I love to watch Cailou. On the Disney Channel I like to watch Chuggington as well as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I know that a lot of my generation as well as those younger grew up with Barney, but this is one dinasour that I don't like. I think that show is set up or over acted with the kids. Sorry if any of you like it.

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    Often, when I regress, I watch kids shows on the Sprout Channel as well. My favorites include Sesame Street, Kipper, and Teletubbies. Like you, I cannot stand Barney either.. *pulls out machine gun* *shoots purple dinosaur* Glad I got that out of my system. I also do not enjoy Caillou, but I will watch it if that is all that is on TV. I would rather watch public access TV than watch Barney.

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    lol i still love such a misfit....i also like anything on sprout..backyardigans...wonderpets...Cailou...and i love teletubbies...oh and the wiggles....i think the reason why many dont like barney or the wiggles is because its sing songey and over the top...its screams baby and that you are easily entertained...and um thats me so maybe that is why i like it...

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    I love all and almost any kid shows but right now we have no cable

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    I don't watch kid shows. At all. I'f I'm diapered and being little Daddy will put on Law & Order for me or Cops. The only childish thing I watch and love is Disney movies. As for a show I hate? I would have to say anything on Nickelodeon that is not from the 90's.

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    Current shows:
    My little pony friendship is magic (best show ever)
    Fairly odd parents
    Planet Sean
    Tuff puppy (sometimes)
    Whimzees house
    There's more stuff I like, but i just listed stuff that is on air.

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    I am one of those different- Kids shows bore me. I find them to be as I call them; ad nausea- makes me wanna throw up with the super-cute and annoying. Only one I can tolerate is SpongeBob, only cause that little sponge cracks me up and I know people that remind me of the denizens of Bikini Bottom. An AB girl I was daddy to back in 2004 got me into SponegeBob.

    When I was a kid, I grew up watching Sesame Street, Electric Company, Square One TV, Scooby Doo, Flintstones, and various Hanna Barbara cartoons. Back in the day, the '80s- there wasn't a lot of kiddie shows as there are now on various networks. And yeah- I am one of those who deeply despises Barney with a passion. Kids shows that are on now blind me with the cutesy- THE CUTE! THE CUTE! TOO CUTE! GET IT OFF MY TV!


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    winnie the poh , little bear , franklin, muppets babies , Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends , baby looney toons , dinosoures , Gullah Gullah Island, and final fraggle rock.

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    oh man, yo gabba gabba in a diapee is the mickey mouse club house, winnie the pooh, sesame street...LOVE sesame street!

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    Love watching Little Bear, Sesame Street, Muppet Babies and any baby/toddler show in my diaper and a onesie or romper and sucking my baba or binky

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