Prior to today, we had three options for accessing ADISC via mobile:
  1. "vmobile", a basic skin with some bugs, but which was serviceable for use on the forum.
  2. "lightweight / mobile", an alternative version of #1.
  3. Tapatalk, a mobile app which, once you pay $2 for it, lets you browse the forum (but not articles, etc) - using their app.

As of today:
  1. The vmobile skin got a big update. Many, many bugs were fixed, and it now supports private messaging, articles, and lots of other neat stuff. It will be automatically displayed to you when you access ADISC using a smartphone.
  2. The "lightweight / mobile" skin was turned off. At this point, it was a poor alternative to vmobile, and unfortunately, the ADISC staff team does not have sufficient resources to be able to support multiple mobile skins.
  3. The Tapatalk app will no longer prompt you to install it. Existing Tapatalk users may continue to use it, but we will no longer encourage people to do so, given the rapid advances in the vmobile skin.