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Thread: POKEMON!! whats your favorite?

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    Default POKEMON!! whats your favorite?

    so i just restarted my old pokemon pearl, and i got reaquainted with my fav pokemon vulpix (lol) and i just wanted to know if u guys had that one pokemon you could always rely on in your set or just always made you smile when you see it on the shows? comments.

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    This is my favorite for some reasonClick image for larger version. 

Name:	espeon.jpg 
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    My favorite used to be bulbasaur, but since this one took the first spot on the pokedex, it also took the first spot in my heart.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	160px-494Victini.png 
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    I can't wait to see the new movie that features victini, both actually, I just hope they get translated to English.

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    I would go with Chikorita, it's usually the main leader Pokemon in my party

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    Raqauza i love the power :P

    If it had to be a normal one eaither pikachu or charzard

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    Smergal in gold/sliver/crustal.

    You could get him to learn any move in the game in any of his 4 slots without cheating. This means you could do Lock-on then a One Hit Knock Out move. So battles went like this.

    1. start with a tank pokemon that knows a sleep indsuding move and something that prevents switch out.
    2. use those two moves
    3. bust out smergal use lock-on and then a OHKO

    rinse and repeat. They fixed this in later verisons for damn good reasons.

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