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Thread: Bad mistake I made

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    Default Bad mistake I made

    Before buying diapers I wrote my plans down on a piece of paper to be sure that I would remember exactly what I would do and when (now that I look back this wasn't necessary at all). I folded the piece of paper up and put it in my wallet, and I accidentally left my wallet in my pants pocket.

    Well I threw my pants in the laundry with the wallet in it and this afternoon while my nosy mom was doing the laundry she confronted me and asked why I was missing some money and why I had that note (why did she have to read it?!) . I told her that I write my short story ideas on a piece of paper and that I had an idea for a story about a kid who dares another kid to buy diapers from a store. Then I told her I bought 2 chocolate bars with the 9 dollars that was missing. I don't really know if she bought it, if she didn't she pretended like she did.

    Thank god I shredded the receipt that I had kept in my wallet earlier, otherwise I would've been 100% screwed. Hopefully she'll forget about all this in a matter of months.

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    Next time don't make notes of things like that...It's not too hard to remember a plan, unless it's like super extensive...

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    What I don't understand is why she keeps track of how much money you have/ spend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainbowMommy View Post
    What I don't understand is why she keeps track of how much money you have/ spend.
    she gave me 40 dollars for my allowance and I guess she remembered I had 40 dollars.

    I don't understand either, it's my money.

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    Okay, just wondering. But the writing it down part is understandable.

    Being nervous makes me forget stuff so quick. >_<

    The last three times I went to Target I was supposed to look at pacifiers, and I get distracted by the shoes that are RIGHT next to the baby items.

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    Hey, you aren't caught yet, and probably wont be. Be happy.

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    It's a dumb idea to right down anything incriminating.

    A few years ago my two friends (under the age of 19) went searching for that ever elusive booze. Once they got a bottle of the finest bottom shelf vodka teenaged money can buy, I guess they had to explain to another friend what they were going to be doing that night without arousing the suspicians of the parents in the next room. They wrote their names on a piece of paper, added the + symbol, drew a bottle labeled 'Vodka', put the = symbol, and drew a happy face.

    They stumbled around drunk the whole night, but my friend's mom found the note the next day.

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    Meh, buying diapers doesn't need a formulated plan written on a piece of paper. It's simple: go in the store, get the diapers, purchase them, leave. I'm sure you'll remember which brand you want, and even if you don't, you can always check out the various brands in the store. Next time, I recommend you don't do the whole "note/plan" thing. And btw, nice quick-thinking.

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    A plan is O.K. but DO NOT use the words : DIAPER, Nappy, pull-up, ...

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