Here is a blog post directly from Netflix
Its basically an apology and an explanation of the change of service all the subscribers had to go through about 2 months ago. As a subscriber, you should know by now that you are paying for two separate services, one for instant play, and one for DVDs by mail, unless you were already made aware of the change and decided to cancel one of the services. The CEO explained that Netflix will be going so far as to make the DVDs by mail a completely separate service and company, thats right, a new company that will co-exist with Netflix will now be offering not only DVDs by mail, but video games too in order to compete with Gamefly. The CEO went on to explain that the library of instant play movies should hopefully expand now that the company can put all of its effort into that single service.

In my opinion, I feel that its about time the CEO came out with an explanation as to the change of service and I think its a good idea to make these services separate. I mostly enjoy (or more precisely, enjoyed) instant play until the library became stale and many of the things that were available for instant play disappeared from the library. Hopefully this is a sign of a good change, and that Netflix will start offering more up to date movies as often as Red Box gets them, which I understand is starting to take a rise right next to Netflix.

I know there are other corners of the internet out there that have as many shows and movies that I could ever think of for absolutely free, but the quality that Netflix has has yet to be beat by any of these other services (sites that offer movies and shows for free are often loaded with annoying advertising and limited amount of watching per day).

What are your guys' thoughts on this change?