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    Quote Originally Posted by Spinelesschrome View Post
    Umm, hi!
    It would be nice if you could flesh those dots out a bit, it's a bit hard to say anything more than "hi!" to you at the moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spinelesschrome View Post
    Well, it's certainly a first.

    Unfortunately it's not going to cut it with me.

    Tell us more about yourself please. Or at least use words.

    Here's a handy article to read, if you're having trouble thinking of things to say:

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    I also love ellipses...!

    I use them a hell of a lot, especially in intro threads...!


    Why not tell us a little about yourself... Like, for instance, how did you find your love for the three little dots...? I personally find them very useful for slowing myself down... Slowing down and breaking up what I'm trying to say...

    I also use them at the beginning of things... Like a pause for anticipation... For example, I have some oddball questions for you...
    ... Do you like red?
    ... Where would you go if you had to go into hiding from the law?
    ... If the Moon was square, what would happen to the tides?
    ... Is your favourite food chicken nuggets?

    Welcome here I love you...

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