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Thread: Signature suggestions?

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    Default Signature suggestions?

    So I've been wanting to put something in my signature for awhile, but most of my stuff is so humongous.

    So just now I re-sized a thing I made for my Myspace a while back, but it looks so gawdy and horrible.

    It still seems so big, and most people have just a one or 2 liner signature, and no graphic.

    Any suggestions of what I could put in there?

    All I can think of is movie quotes or a lyric.

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    That's a reward for being the first poster. And loving cows. I luff me some moo cows. <3

    I think funny dictionary entries shall be my new "thing". But don't be offended if I change it in a week or so. My avatars and sigs change at least once a week. lol

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    I don't even have to try I'm just naturally awesome...When I came out of my mom, the doctor was like "Holy shit...This is the awesomest baby I've ever pulled out of someone...He's going to do great things"

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    That is an amazing story. When I came out, he was like "Oh look, a baby" then tossed me away.

    I so boring. >.<

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