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    So I realize that many, many people are afraid to come out as a diaper fetishist to family, friends, etc., and to also be publicly open about it too. Well, I do believe I can help with the family/friends area, but going public with it is probably not even necessary. Don't know if anyone on here contemplates the pros and cons of publicity, but I just thought I would make it clear if someone did.

    Anyways, coming out to people will NOT HAPPEN if you cannot come out to yourself. Being ashamed for something that you had absolutely no control over is not something that you should consume yourself with. Fetishes are rooted in the subconscious of the brain, and you cannot have access to it when you are awake and fully aware of your surroundings, so just "thinking it away" is pointless and ineffective. Easy ways to surface subconscious feelings and what not can are through dreams, therapy and hypnosis. You cannot cure fetishes through dreaming, and for many, hypnosis and therapy did not even work. You developed it without having control over it, and you are stuck with it.

    Trying to think the fetish away cannot work. It is like trying to think away your sexual desire altogether, and trying to repress, in my experience, has repressed my sexual desire as well, so I stopped because I'd rather not lose that aspect of myself...the only thing to do is to embrace it. Imagine an alcoholic or smoker who is trying to quit cold turkey. You KNOW you want it, and after a while, focusing your attention on stopping these weird desires will only keep the fetish surfaced for longer periods of time than if you just let them flow, so after a while you will binge on diapers. Then you will purge after having your overwhelming desires satisfied. Then binge again. And thus starts the emotionally-draining binge-purge cycle.

    And honestly, it could be much worse. You could enjoy fucking corpses and could have the inability to climax without strangling someone to death. How do you think those people feel? Morals are not even touched when considering the nature of a diaper fetish, so you must not fret. However, for many people who do not have this fetish, it IS a violation of morals.

    Diapers are strongly associated with babies and children. When an adult WANTS to be associated with things that are infantile in nature, others jump to the conclusion that the individual is pedophilic. This can be the hardest boundary to overcome when talking to family and friends about this fetish. For some, it is easy to overcome this obstacle, especially if strict ABs are coming out; the diaper aspect is not usually sexual. But for diaper fetishists who are aroused by the thought of wearing/using a diaper or seeing others wearing/using diapers, it is not that easy.

    This next paragraph explains my beliefs for individuals who do not know where their fetish came from, and can be utilized in explaining to others. My theory on diaper fetishes is that when your diaper was getting changed as an infant, the feeling of your parents touching your genitalia so as to clean you was a good feeling, so the aspect of wearing and using a diaper was sexual. Usually, children outgrow this association when they potty train, and the aspect of having one's own waste hanging off their ass was no longer appealing. But MAYBE diaper fetishists never lost that association. The only reasoning I can think of so far is that those who were never able to abandon that association is simply how we were born, but I'm almost certain this is not plausible. All sexual orientations and fetishes are developed through time. I will get back to you on that part...

    It is all basically an educated guess. There is no way I can verify this whole abnormal development as a whole, but I connected the dots through reliable sources, so I'm willing to bet this can be seen as very plausible. If you can explain this to people then I THINK it will wither their suspicion of this fetish being pedophilic in nature, which we all know IS NOT TRUE.

    Not only do I hope that I helped with those who want to come out to others, but I also hope I helped with those who are having a hard time accepting themselves, and that they become more aware that it is better to accept and embrace this fetish.

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    The Bottom Line:

    Why do you care what other people think? Are other peoples' opinions determining your happiness? If so, then you have a problem.

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    Eh, kind of...there's more to it than that. Negative judgment is something that no one would like, and some take it more seriously than others. Chances are that those who have had a hard time accepting this fetish are the ones who have developed a need to be accepted. I know I'm one..

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