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    I'm 42 mostly a dl but open to the ab side too. I'm not judgmental as long as it doesn't cause harm to yourself or others. My interest in diapers started when I was around 7 but, I started wearing them again back when I was 20, (btw, that's when ALL diapers were plastic backed). Anyway, just wanted to say hi to everyone out there. Stay diapered and happy.

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    Hi Djboy,
    although at 42, boy does seem a misnomer, but we both know it's what we feel inside that counts. Anyway Welcome to Adisc.

    I and a lot of other members like to get to know the person in the nappy, so why not tell us a little about your hobbies and interests, tastes in books, music and movies, do you have a boyfriend and if yes does he know you wear nappies? If you need some inspiration have a look at as there are some good ideas in it.

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    "The person in the nappy". I do like your turn of phrase, PCBaby. :P Welcome to ADISC, djboy! Non-judgmentality is a rarity in the world, so I'm sure you'll be accepted all the more gratefully here.

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    I can't help it, when I was in nappies as a baby and growing up, nappies were cloth and my first waterproof pants were rubber and were called 'rubbers' funnily enough, so diapers and pants and disposable all -in-ones has always been nappy and rubbers.  I hate the word diaper anyway, it just doesn't sound right to me, and at 56, I'm probably too set in my ways to change. (Well obviously I have to change some things, but it's not my fault, honest, it was teddy)!

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    Also, that whole paragraph, do you just copy and paste it when you need it? It seems the same as all the others that you post.

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    I alter it slightly depending what is in their profile, so for instance of they are gay put in boyfirend ons tead of girlffriend, if soemone has asked about something I'll cut a bit out or add a but the 1st line usually stays pretty much the same. It's just save me having to do a load of typing aas I have very bad arthritis in my hands and especially my fingers which are fairly deformed and extremely peinful most of the time.

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