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Thread: A furmeet in South Bend Indiana

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    Talking A furmeet in South Bend Indiana

    So, what originally started as a wings run with local furries kinda tripled from just a meetup to a statewide meetup to finally a tristate meet, then I thought, shit, Invite all the babyfurs I know

    So yes, its offical, im hosting a furmeet, now because I know of the popularity of this forum now, I will only accept invitations from people who have been on this forum as long as I have, well er, as long as I know you :3

    The starting cost of this event is about $10.15, unless you aren't eating, then bring 5$ for hotel hosts, we are possibly seeing a movie, making DTDs for anyone providing tape and wrap, <duct tape dummy, necessairy for getting a fursuit>, ooo, and also, I am not providing diapers, so dont ask me, follow the babyfur guidelines for the event, if you dont know them, check wikifur for them, the guideline is basically this :
    1. sucking pacifiers in public is a no-no
    2. do not defecate in front of people, its frowned apon and could get us kicked out (if your medically prone to it, take them pills that make it less stinky)
    3. dont ask people for supplies, unless you have agreed on it beforehand
    4. dont ask for people to change you, as many people will not and could get you a bad rep for that
    5. pacifiers and bottles should not be visable, plushies are acceptable
    well, that sums up most of that, pretty much be on your best behavior

    Now please people, dont screw this up for me, this is only my second meet <approved of course, my parents can be cool sometimes>

    also, all people under 21 shall not be drinking, I have already talked to people about this and they will make you prove your age, also I am not providing beer, im 15, dont forget it...

    But I will be providing some pop, bring a peace offering :3

    well... that pretty much sums it up, Contact me in PM for details, as im not going to post my address or phone number out in the open..


    This has already been posted in the calendar, and I have approval for hosting this.

    Mod note: Moved to Babyfur forum...that's what we have one for Peachy

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    come on peoples, I want some people here, plz send me IMs about addy, I want you!

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    underage kids with no car's so no one id going to go and I don't feel like rideing that far

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    underage kids with no car's so no one id going to go and I don't feel like rideing that far
    I'd offer you a ride, but your just a TAD south and out of my way...

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    dude all depends on when it is. I come up in December this year i hope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakethefox View Post
    meet was yesterday, sadly its already over
    *sits and waits for the report, looking at Jake with big puppy eyes*

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    I didnt know peaches could do puppy eyes :O

    The report!

    So TBE showed up about 4ish after I decided to try a diaper booster (the thick ones that are like 4x the size of regular ones) with a Secure X-Plus, he ends up showing up as I pull my shorts on, so of course he knows immediately its me, who else would have a diaper buldge THAT big, hehe, well anyway, we hung out for a few minutes (or should I say hours) before we went to wings, so we arrived at wings etc a little late, as Star and Errorwolf both had a table and were eating appitizers, I felt bad because I was suppose to be there first and they had been waiting for about an hour... so yea, I at least appologized the whole night, Draven did come with us, and before i get carried away, TBE does live up to the title, he is really tall! He was only a few inches below my ceiling fan! :O we then went to the mall after we were settled in at wings, we strolled around until closing time :3 We then went back to my place while we jammed to some deathklok,
    I showed off my system when he showed up just for the record, he was drop jawed at how clean, loud, and powerful my system is, I was getting ceiling flex, window flex, a shaking wall plaque, noticeable wall flex, and a dancing keyboard, mad loud and mad clean, not too bad for under 150$... and did I mention he was tall?
    We ended up sleeping at my house because Neagle from MichiganFurs didn't come to get the hotel, and we were all poor anyway, Error & Star left for St. joe, and we crashed at my house after watching the Roast of Bob Saget
    "Bob Saget raped and killed a girl in 1990
    if you have proof that Bob saget Raped and Killed a girl in 1990
    call me up and tell me that Bob Saget raped and killed a girl in 1990
    because the above statement is false." Gilbert, the guy who voiced the parrot in Aladdin

    But yea, it was fun, why didnt anyone pm me for address? :O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakethefox View Post
    But yea, it was fun, why didnt anyone pm me for address? :O
    Sorry, I would have joined you guys, but there was an ocean in between. I even would have waddled through the mall with y'all...because it's far away from home!


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