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    Well. im a sweetly sissy who loves to chat and play around with others. i love to rp and talk with other people. and once in a while i read AB story's i make some myself. but not alone. its more with others in a roleplay.

    im a sweet and caring person :3 and i hope that you all will love me for who i am !<3<3

    Thanks for reading :3 Your little Lelaya!

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    Hi, Lelaya. Welcome to ADISC. Although I do not participate, there are quite a few here who are into role-play, and there are also many members who contribute to the ' Stories ' section of ADISC. You may find these forums of interest. As for sweet and caring, there is an abundance of both sweet and caring members here, and more are always welcome. I expect that, here, you will be loved for who you are, but we would all like to find out a little bit more of what makes you who you are. Setting aside the diapers, and your sissyness, what are your other interests ? What are your hobbies, and taste in music ? What else do you like to read besides AB stories ? Please don't be shy, we are honestly interested in all of the aspects of a new member's day-to-day activities, not just those that relate to the AB/DL side of life. Anyway, I hope you have fun here, and I redundantly say again, welcome to ADISC. Take care.

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    Hi Lelaya,
    welcome to Adisc, Fifigal has just about said it all. Do you have a girfriend or boyfriend, mistress perhaps? There are several rp threads which I'm sure you will find in due course. there is also an amazing amount of knowledge and support available, so if you have questions just ask. Other than that have a look around find a few forums you like the look of and jump in.

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