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    Default Hello There!

    Here's my intro!

    I love Video Games, computers, cars(well, basically anything with an engine!) chatting and web browsing. I'm going to be studying computer repair and electrical engineering come January and be a full time student. I came here because of my interest as an ab/dl and I'd like to meet new friends and like minded people.

    sorry for the bad format, but tha'ts the way it comes to mind.

    I look forward to talking to you all!

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    oh what model/year? I bet the seat warmers are good in the winter.

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    Well the winters in Southern California are snowless and iceless, so pretty good.

    It is an 1998/S70.

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    Hi Killer,
    Welcome to Adisc, weve already met in a couple of forums, just a s a tip if you post the song lyrics in one of the forums try to post a link with it then people can hear the band. You are certain to meet like minded people and no doubt make friends as time goes on.

    But for now I and a lot of other members like to get to know the person in the nappy, so why not tell us a little about your hobbies and interests, tastes in books, music and movies, do you have a girlfriend and if yes does she know you wear nappies? If you need some inspiration have a look at as there are some good ideas in it.

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