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    Sort of new here and to diapers, but loving them and starting to wear more often. Feels awesome to be really wet, but learning how full one can get before a change is necessary. Now my question, changing while lying on the floor is pretty easy, but where / how do you change when out?

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    On the occasion that i do change while in public, I change in a bathroom stall. Just try and pick a bathroom that doesn't look too occupied, then when you are in the stall, put a diaper across either the right or left end of the seat so your not over the hole, then sit on it and make it work, from my experience that is the best one can do. Note this only works when you have fitted diapers, if you have a pull up then you are going to have to take your pants off, in that case, if it is necessarily, i suggest using the handicapped stall, then you'll at least have a little bit of room to keep people from seeing what is going on.

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    Hey Layne! Public changing isn't so bad, it just takes a little bit of practice! I wsh I would have asked questions before attempting my first changes, they were humerious failures.

    As Tyger said, the first step is to find a restroom that looks pretty empty. Probably best to use the stall at the very end.

    If you're using pull ups you will inevitably have to just remove your pants, clean up, slip on the new nappy, and and pull your clothes back on, easy peasy!

    The easiest way I know of with fitted briefs is the standing method. After you get the old one off, and are all cleaned up, get a new diaper out and open it all the way up, stetch it out and everything (important for good fit *in opinion*). With your pants around you ankles of course, put the side with tapes aganst your back, and adjust it to where you want it to be for when you tape up, (the back should usually be a little higher than the front). When the nappy is positioned where you want it, use the wall of the cubicle to pin it against your rear/back. After that, just spread your legs a little and pull the front of the diaper between them, make sure it's snug, and tape up. Remember to start with the lowest tapes, and work your way up.

    If you're new to changing in a public area, just avoid getting stressed out! Remember that there's nothing wrong with enjoying a different kind of underwear, so if someome hears you changing, who gives? you're not hurting anything, so change with confidence buddy!

    Hope his helps! There are several articles written here on adisc, that go into great detail on different ways it can be done. You can use those, or PM me if you have more questions!

    Have fun buddy!

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    Exactly, I've been wearing diapers for 30+ years now. I can duck into a standard stall though lots of malls now have quite nice handicapped stalls with their own sinks these days which are even nicer. I wear exclusively the tape on (fitted brief) diaper. Sometimes I just carry the diaper in (or stuff it in my pocket), other times I use a discrete or not so discrete diaper bag to carry my stuff.

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    Yep, just use a stall, and lean against the wall, using your body to hold the back of the new diaper in place as you're taping it up. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I find it helps to crouch a bit as you do it, as that helps spread your legs apart a bit and helps get everything in place.

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    I'm often changed in the back of the car or in my wheelchair. (In privacy) but if i am in starbucks than the public family rest room/disabled loo is better for me. although i go in first and tthen however is with me comes in a minute after me.
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    I change my diaper standing up cause is hard to find a bathroom that is for only one person to change my own diaper laying down. but is easy to doit.

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    A lot of places now have family bathrooms that you can go in and lock the door and have all the privacy you need. Most ballparks, malls, airports, some rest stops on the highway, etc. I travel a lot and have found the family restrooms very nice to use for a private diaper change.

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    I have changed standing up in a college stall just remember most people aren't paying you any mind even if you need to complete remove your pants/skirt/kilt whatever most likely no one will notice or if they do they won't say anything. hope this bolsters your confidence abit.

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