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Thread: Hi from Claire in the UK

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    Smile Hi from Claire in the UK

    Hi Everyone

    I'm a film maker and usually work on commercial projects but I also make what I would call 'light erotica' ie not porn, but films of an adult nature using my skills learned in the commercial world.

    After making 30 TG fantasy films I made one AB film and was surprised at just how well it was received.
    I would like to make more and have joined this forum to understand more about ABDL world.

    I won't put links to the films as it is not my intention to market myself here nor would be appropriate in what seems to be a very nice and supportive forum.

    Please don't think this is a huge money making project, it's a Saturday afternoon bit of fun and any profit made goes back into making more films.

    I'm also a 3D techician and made the AB film in 3D at the same time as the two camera shoot by using a double camera tripod on a dolly system, one for the wide and one for the 3D camera, I havn't found a way to deliver 3D on line yet though! LOL.

    Any suggestions are welcome and I would particularly like to know the different aspects of the fetish.

    Claire x

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    Welcome Claire, I think you'll find a very different side of the ABDL community here to the one that appears in fantasy fiction. I hope you find the understanding you're look for

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    Nice intro though. It's cool to have people from different backgrounds and different job titles.

    I've been considering turning a short story of mine into a screen play for a short film and I'm always trying to meet other people and form a talent pool of sorts.

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    Hi Claire,
    welcome to Adisc and to yet another UK member. I'm sure your aware but ab's are a vaaried bunch ranging from those that just wear a nappy, to those that have full size nurseries and live as babies 24/7, so you might want to narrow your horizons some or it will be a case of info overload. Also don't be surprised if you get a bad ride from a lot of people. Recently there has been a lot of exposure about ab's, non of it good and as a community I get the feeling we are starting to put our defences up. I hope people will support yo, but they may mistrust your motives.

    In the meantime if you share anything about the lifestyle then let us know. Also I and a lot of other members like to get to know the person in the nappy, so why not tell us a little about your hobbies and interests, tastes in books, music and movies. If you need some inspiration have a look at as there are some good ideas in it.

    Whilst I can't speak for others I willhelp in whatever way I can, and you might want to add me as a friend.

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    sod the films, you're into cars and bikes
    me, too, though not quite as a hobby - more as a necessity that blossomed.
    oh, i'm also into self-piccing, AB/DLishly, though i'm really only a DL.

    actually, now that i think about it, the filming process sounds interesting. anymore info for us? maybe some of us could help with the practical/aesthetic aspects of what you wish to achieve?
    i've wondering about rendering some of my stuff as 3D, lately; maybe i'm just getting bored.

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    Hey Claire!

    It's nice to see another member of this lovely community who is also into the film/video/multimedia world. I own a small video/multimedia production studio mainly (but non exclusively) focused on business/commerical productions and providing technical services as well for events and shows. I never had the chance to produce anything DL/AB related, but it's something I wouldn't mind giving a try to!

    In case you're interested in some international cooperation, drop me a line! ^^

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    Hey Claire,

    I'm here in L.A. and I've been thinking of making some AB films myself. It's too bad you're in UK though : p I don't think there are enough AB videos on the market. But I think the best way for you to learn about making a good AB videos is to get inside the head of a true AB/DL. If you can do that, then making the videos will be easy.

    I think coming here is a great way to start your search, but until you get some hands on expereince you won't really grasp the desires of an AB/DL. I know there are plenty of nursery/babysitting services in the UK. I bet you could learn a lot from talking with a caretaker.

    Good Luck!!

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    That's a good idea from bbabysitter, I've been a daddy and am currently in a vrtual daddy/baby relationship as the daddy. agin if I can help, let me know.

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    Very interesting Claire...! I work in film myself (VFX). I don't know of much online for 3d content. VIMEO has a stereoscopic channel here: The Stereo 3D Channel on Vimeo , but I don't know much about it. Have you tried experimenting with shortening the distance between the 2 camera's at all? (Would lessen the '3d' effect a bit, but would closer mimic the the vision a child may have)

    Anyway, welcome to the forum, and kudos to being open minded enough to check us out. You've stumbled upon the best forum for it for sure!


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