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    I do know that Skyrim has been discussed and mulled over, but what about Elderscrolls as a whole?

    I started with Morrowing. It was a love affair which I spent hundreds of hours playing.

    It was not until two years ago that I finally bought a computer to play Oblivion on, and that lasted at least 100 hours.

    Now, Skyrim is nearly within our grasp, and I find myself without the speed to divulge my graphics whims. Shiny speed and smooth FPS is what I desire.

    To reconcile this longing, I am making the fateful decision to purchase a new computer for this November. It is a necessary step for my survival of pleasure. AMEN for credit Cards!

    How will you celebrate this November?

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    While there is often plenty to do and many neat items to collect, Elder Scrolls as a whole has fantastic graphics art, well worth the many hours **falls through the floor**

    I would like it, however, if they actually tested their games before releasing them. Stupid game-breaking glitches like essential items disappearing, scripted events not happening if quests from different factions aren't completed in a certain order, topics disappearing before a quest is completed, or just randomly crashing in the middle of saving take all the fun out of it. Even just having to constantly think about "ok, I have to complete quest A before starting this other quest or ____ will happen like last time and I'll have to start over." Supposedly Skyrim has a new graphics engine and the characters have a new dynamic AI script to address these kinds of issues, but only time will tell if it actually helps. I'm willing to bet that Bethesda will cut corners in their testing as always, and we will have some really obnoxious game-breaking bugs. I am not sure if I want to buy it right away, because I'm very confident there will be at least 1 major patch for issues like this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Roec View Post
    AMEN for credit Cards!
    Very bad idea. I might sound old and bitter in saying this, but unless you're 100% sure you can pay it back quickly, you're going to dig yourself into a hole that just isn't worth what you're getting. Credit card companies often like it when people fall behind on their payments, so they can charge lots of fees and interest, and you're going to pay a lot more this way than if you saved up for it.

    If you neglect to pay for a few months they will send it to a collection agency, and collection agencies are notorious for abusing and downright harassing debtors. If you're at the age of looking for a job, many employers also use bad credit history as an early eliminating factor.

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    You're right. Credit cards can bring doom and gloom. I'm lucky to have a long, well about 10 years, worth of slowly growing credit. I think it is pretty good. My credit card limit rises every year. I'm lucky.

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