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    I am going to be a toddler for halloween and i am going to wear a diaper. this will be my first time wearing one in public. i plan to get the sample pak of bambino classico diapers and year one of them under my dress and stockings. my question is, what if i am out and about and need the restroom? should i use the diaper and bring a baby bag to fit the outfit and change? i have never really worn them in public. how much can they hold and how often do you change? any advice would be helpful! i have only worn diapers when i got pick once and had to, but i don't know anything!

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    I can't answer all your questions but I think a good diaper like the Bambino you mention would cope and not need changing if you used it towards the end of your time out in public. If there is more than one in your sample pack why not have a dress (or under-dress) rehearsal so that you know what using this particular diaper feels like and can get some idea of how it copes with multiple wettings etc. Two things to avoid (if possible) are "holding it" too long so that you pee profusely as this is more likely to lead to leaks than doing smaller amounts slowly and more often. Also think carefully about unfastening the diaper to use a toilet conventionally as sometimes refastening does not work out quite as well as the manufacturers tell you it will.

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    Thanks for the advice! i don't know the first thing about diapers! i am getting the sample pak (2 diapers) so i can try out one like you said. do you think i should get 2 of the sample packs? my sister is buying them for me cause i am poor. but i need to be prepared.

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    I don't know about in the US but here in England a lot of people advertise single or small numbers of various diapers either for people to try out, or for AB/DL casual users who don't want the potential embarrassment of having to hide big packs from family members - roommates etc.

    This could be the kind of (US) listing to look for

    Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Adult Diapers ABDL Medium Sample Medium | eBay

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    well from expirence i know that bambino diapers hold a heck of a lot, unless you have a problem of holding large amounts of liquid in your bladder you should be fine with just one sample pack. depending on how long youre gonna be out and about you may or may not need to change.

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    Ok then! should i use something to boost it? i have some sample diapers i sent off do that are too small but i have seen vids on using another diaper as a booster. also should i use baby powder and a skin protectant like vasaline?

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    Bambinos hold a LOT. I would use a booster just to be safe, mostly because I don't know how long you will be out. Also, if you are prone to chaffing, use both powder and lotion.

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    And in case the point has missed you don't forget to puncture or slit the plastic backing of the "booster" diaper so the liquid can flow easily - if you don't it might overflow into the area of the leg openings and promote a leak - even with Bambino's.

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