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    I was at walmart and noticed that huggies is replacing their jeans diapers with a camo print diaper. That is great and all because it works with recent trends in diapers being printed and "fashonable" but is it the best idea to do goodnites with a similar print?

    I hate to think about the family which has a baby and an older kid that still wets the bed. Can you imagine having your night underwear match your baby brother's diaper?

    It is a great idea to put camo as a print for goodnites and it is a great idea to put camo on a babies diaper, but to do them both at the same time just isn't a good idea in my opinion. Separately camo works as an apeal to older kids and to trendy mothers, but with both at the same time the goodnites just seam like oversized huggies little movers mixed with pull ups.

    It's an ironically perfect product for the abtbdl community but I suspect that a reasonable number of kids out there are not going to be as happy.

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    How many kids actually keep up with what their night time underwear actually looks like? Besides, the 'their not diapers' factor is really irrelevant, the kids know they are diapers, the package just doesn't say diapers on it for the sake of the kids. They don't need to be told and it's best they aren't, but really, kids know what they are. I don't think it would have much of an affect on the child even in the rare event they did notice the similarity between the prints.

    But wait, camo goodnites? I may have to find some...

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    Oblivionxi wrote "'their not diapers' factor is really irrelevant, the kids know they are diapers"

    This may be true a lot of the time but for manty families the progression from wearing diapers all the time to pyjama pants just for bedtime and "in case of accidents" rather than because you will always be wet, is an important one that encourages feelings of self worth etc.

    It does seem strange that manufacturers who have worked hard ot "distance" Good-nites etc from "baby diapers" may adopt the same designs on both.

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    I kind of agree with everybody here. The kids know they are diapers. But also like the OP said, if they have a baby brother/sister and their 'night time underwear' looks the same as their sibling's diapers, that may cause some problems. All in all, I love the new prints, but the should not have made both the same.
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    I hope it keeps the smell of death inside :P

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