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    Default Hello!

    I'm a student studying bioengineering in the midwest and have loved diapers for as long as I can remember.

    Two things I besides diapers are bike riding which I get to do every day for my commute, and computers. I don't program or do anything too high level with them, but I love assembling components and trying out different software and OS's. I'm hoping to get a job with my college's computer center soon.

    I know the sticky says not to mention diapers anymore but I feel like I should mention this.
    I am paranoid of anyone finding about about my fascination with diapers, seriously it is the one thing about me I am ashamed of. Since I live with a roommate now and he can see my screen most of the time (I'm using my netbook atm) plus I just ordered my first real high quality diapers (since i now have my own address...kinda...) and I want to be able to wear them without him finding out. So my point is that I won't be a very active member on this forum (I prefer anonymous imageboards anyway) but if you want to say hi feel free to send me a PM.

    The reason I came here is I am looking for reviews on the Abena's X-plus's that I ordered and am super excited about, and also the community seems nice and having an account on here seems like a good idea because I'm pretty sure I'll be returning again and again

    Thank you all for making such a good site and I'm looking forward to reading and learning more from it.

    P.S. Hope I didn't come off creepy

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    Hi James,
    welcome to Adisc. I completely understand your need for privace, but that said this is a community and the more you put into it, the more you'll get out. Also, at least initially yo will not be able to send or recive PM's, for the reason have a look at

    Feeling ashamed of being a dl/ab etc appears to be fairly normal, even those of us who have to wear 24/7 can have our moments. But thereis no need to feel that way at all in here. the group is very open, very supportive and if you want it there is also a lot of advice to be given.

    Whilst your intro is fairly good, I and a lot of other members like to get to know the person in the nappy, so why not tell us a little about your hobbies and interests, tastes in books, music and movies, do you have a girlfriend and if yes does she know you wear nappies? If you need some inspiration have a look at as there are some good ideas in it.

    Finally find some forums you like the look of, (I would suggest Diaper Talk if you are looking for advice on what type to wear), and jump in.

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    Hey James.

    I'm a college student too. It can be difficult keeping things like this a of the reasons I have a single dorm this year.

    Anyway, welcome!

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    Alright I'll try to say a bit more about myself.

    I spend most of my day doing homework, playing games TF2, starcraft 2 (custom games), or watching a new movie or show. I am pretty much an exclusive PC gamer. As for homework I love to learn but I hate the work that comes along with it and am a chronic procrastinator.

    I really need to find something to do now that I'm here such as a job because most of the time I am bored on days I don't have class. I went to this college and don't know anyone here, but I kind of wanted it that way, it is a lot easier to like your friends if you rarely see them. I am lucky I got a really cool roommate with whom I have a lot in common with and isn't a slob or a snorer.

    I love movies and see a new one once a week if not more. If I had to pick a favorite I would say it would be Perfume: story of a murderer it is based on a German best selling novel and directed by a German director Tom Tykwer who has done many other very good films.

    I took German for 4 years in high school, been to Germany twice, and plan on going on an exchange program through my college. Ich immer versuche zu denken auf deutsch, sodass ich nicht vergesse diesen netten sprache.

    It is very different living in Chicago after living in a very white middle class neighborhood for so long and it is certainly taking some getting used to. But I came to the city to get some diversity and experience dealing with people who aren't like me because I think it will benefit me later.

    As for books I read the fountainhead in english before I graduated High School and fell in love with Ayn Rand's ideas of individualism and objectivism, I by no accounts believe that her philosophy is perfect, but I think it is a great starting off point for making my own.

    I am studying bio-engineering with pre-med and plan to go on to medical school and perhaps become a pathologist, I reached this idea after going to a medical career fair and talking to the guy there. It seems like that career has the proper balance of interest, money, and socialization that work for me.

    As for where I am in my life at the moment I am scared about my ability to finish college with my poor studying habits, worried about my ability to find a person who I can talk to as freely as I can when I am anonymous on the internet and in general suffering from the human condition. Although through all of this worry I feel that I am confident in myself to do what needs to be done in the end and will find a way to get there.

    Hope this gives everyone a better idea of "the person inside the nappy" =)

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    Hi James,
    a very much better idea and exceptionally wqell written as well. thank you. Word of warning though, edit out the German, it's english only on Adisc I'm afraid, nad if the mods see it the'll be after you with their scissors And although it has been a while, I also used to think in German, but that was many years ago when I was a technical translator with the the B.A.O.R.

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    Oh, awesome, I've always wanted to go to Germany! I took German for 3 years in high school. Unfortunately I've forgotten most of it, but I'm taking it again next semester and am planning to do a study abroad program at some point.

    Just had to respond again when I saw a fellow German student. ^^

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