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Thread: hiya everyone, im a pretty puppy ^^

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    Default hiya everyone, im a pretty puppy ^^

    hello everyone, im new here, i truly have no idea what to say but if you want to ask questions i will happily answer really bad at this introduction think arent i?

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    Just tell us about yourself. Doesn't have to be AB/DL related. In mine I just put my interests, that I was in college, and general stuff like that.

    And welcome. = )

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    oh..ok, well im really into video games, reading and just hanging out with my friends, im a really good definition of a tomboy really, i rearly wear skirts and i would rather be shot than wear a dress, and 90 % of my friends are guys umm...what else is there?

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    well welcome to Adisc sky. i hope you injoy it here.

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    Yeay, another girl gamer! *Is a huge nerd* Video games, anime, Gaia, Magic:The Gathering, all sorts of nerdy stuff. = D

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    *huggles her to death* then your already in my top ten of people on here lol ^^ what kinda video games, and i love magic

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    Welcome to adisc! I gather by the puppy name that you're a babyfur?

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    Mostly old Nintendo. SNES and N64 are my faves. Super Mario World is my favorite video game of all time, with Dance Dance Revolution not far behind.

    My boyfriend, Tafshin, and I play MtG when we can. You'll meet him soon, he should be home from work any minute. ^_^

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    Ah okay, cute. There's lots of babyfurs here, you'll fit right in.

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