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    So a plane crashed at the Reno air races and killed 3 people and injured 56 others.

    well anyways, I was supposed to be there when this happened if not for having surgery out of nowhere, result of that was not working for two weeks. so all the money I had saved up for the expensive tickets i ended up spending. Also i worked this week but my pay period ended on sunday, meaning that i wouldn't get paid this friday, but instead i would be paid in two weeks.

    Just saying it could have been me there that got hit.... But stuff kept pushing me away from the event.

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    That was really a terrible accident. My prayers and heart goes out to the pilot and the victims and their families. From what I have seen on TV and read in the newspaper the aircraft, a modified P-51 Mustang, WWII fighter, supposedly had a malfunction of one of the aircraft's control surfaces. The pilot attempted to bank the plane away from the spectators, but failed. The news media reported that the problem might have occurred with an elevator, which controls the pitch (up/down) angle of attack. Unfortunately, the elevator pitched the plane down and it slammed into the ground and disintegrated. The NTSB is investigating and their findings should be known in a few months.

    IMHO...The North American P-51 Mustang is one of the finest aircraft produced in the WWII. This aircraft is practically unsurpassed in performance and beauty. The only other types of aircraft of WWII that can compare with her are the British Supermarine Spitfire and German Focke-Wulf Fw190 (Ta 152). The Mustang was originally power by Rolls-Royce aircraft engines and later with Packard engines with the P-51-D's. The P-51s now had the range to accompany Allied bombers all the way into the heartland of Germany and were a major contributor to the victory over the Axis Powers in Europe. This plane was ultimately surplanted by the newest class of jet fighters, the F-86 Sabre and later the F-100 Super Sabres. Incidently, the F-100 Super Sabres are my favorite jet fighters and I have a photo of them, in formation, as my avatar.
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    was the P-51 the one that had the-then-innovative air-assisted control surfaces to aid with the movement of the main control surfaces at high speeds?

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    I remember in a Stephen Spielberg's film, the one character called the P-51 the Cadillac of the skies. In the video, you can see the tail rudder come apart. It was a horrible accident, and of course, the death toll is up to 10 now. Anyway Littlejustin, it was providential that you weren't there. You hear stories like that, when a passenger planes crash, and people come forth who were supposed to be on that plane, but for various reasons, weren't.

    Sadly, if you've seen Final Destination, you know you can't escape death. Watch out for leaking water running toward you and the lamp you're reading by. You know, the one with the bad plug outlet. And I wouldn't go out driving, or use a tree chipper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ade View Post
    was the P-51 the one that had the-then-innovative air-assisted control surfaces to aid with the movement of the main control surfaces at high speeds?
    From what I have read about the Reno air crash the P-51 that was involved had modified control surfaces. Also I have read that many older types of fighter aircraft are modified for air races to increase speed and handling. It is the same principle when stock cars are modified by their drivers to increase speed and handling on the race track.

    As with NASCAR, Air Racing Pilots need speed and manouerability. Pilot Jimmy Leeland had just rounded a bend at a high rate of speed, some say 500 knots, and the P-51 suddenly pitched up and then nosed down and crashed. It would seen to be a problem with the planes elevators. Those had been modified as well as the other control surfaces. Leeland himself, in an interview before the crash, said that the control surfaces had been "extremely modified". But he wouldn't give any details of the modifications. Now, the death toll is at 10, including the pilot.

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    things like that can, will and do happen. I remember being at an airshow about 20 years ago when a Harrier lost its balance on a thrust hover maneuver at 50 ft off the ground and didn't recover, the pilot died in front of 400,000 people that day. unfortunately, with public events, nasty things have happened, car races where the car went over the railing and killed lots of spectators, towers being blown over into crowds during a concert, Soccer games where the stadium mezzanine collapsed. one never knows.. haven't been to many monster crowd events in the past 15 years or so. not that interested. don't much like flying in large planes either(do tho).

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