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    Default Your Personal Record

    I usually don't wet my diapers, for a couple of reasons - My preferred diapers are pull-ups that don't hold more than one wetting. I also don't urinate very often and as a result I have large wettings.

    Though she hasn't said so, my girlfriend prefers if I don't, so usually I just wear for the comfort or the DL aspect.

    Well, the good news is is that she is gone tomorrow all day and night and I have the place to myself. I've padded myself up for a gaming
    marathon and don't have to worry about nasty breaks when nature calls.

    Right now I'm wearing (In order)

    1 Goodnites (Booster)
    2 Tena Ultimate Extra pull-ups
    1 Tena Super Brief

    Needless to say, I'm well covered.

    So...What's the most diapers any of you have worn at any given time?

    What's your personal "record" of wettings before needing a change?

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    Glhf =d

    I've soaked an M3 to capacity but I didn't count the wettings. =D

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    I think my max amount of diapers that I've worn was...I think 6 bambinos? It felt very nice. My boyfriend (if I remember correctly) reached about 7-8? We plan (when we restock) to attempt to reach a bigger amount,haha!

    As for wetting, I can only do it once. I'm a pretty heavy wetter and since I'm still not comfortable sitting in a wet diaper I change pretty fast ^^;

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    My personal record is 12 Attends large over a 2 day weekend.
    Was an intersting first night sleep with the frist 6 diapers on, don't remeber getting much sleep that night.

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    I've worn 3 M3's, soaked them through. I did this while drinking beer, that's how I wet so much.

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    The most i've ever wetted in one diaper was 4 times in one night in an ATN
    I've actually worn an attends with an ATN overtop followed by a cloth diaper covered by latex & rubber snap-ons respectively. I waddled like a wittle baby haha :3

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    As a kid, I'd pin on 3-4 cloth diapers sometimes and go to bed that way--couldn't even *begin* to close my legs!

    As for wettings: I enjoy the feel of a wet diaper, but I tend not to sit in one for long. I have never wet the same diaper twice. That said, I use baby diapers (when I can't use cloth), so wetting the same diaper twice would usually lead to an accident.


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    mine record three pull ups in one night every few hours. (i had a uti infection and literally had no choice) plus i had fever of 41

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    26 pull ups and counting

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    Sometimes, if working outside in the yard, I have wet an Attends 4 or 5 times, until it weighed, like, 4 pounds. Course, I was leaking like crazy, but knew I would be throwing everything into the wash. If I think someone is going to notice, I find some reason why I have to turn on the garden hose and "accidentally" get my pants wet.

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