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Thread: "What It Feels Like to be a Baby" --CNN

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    Default "What It Feels Like to be a Baby" --CNN

    I just read this:

    What it feels like to be a baby -

    and thought that it would be of interest here. It's an article that basically tells about some of the developmental milestones in the first 6 months of life by putting it into more of a story (rather than textbook) format. Kinda cute, actually. I was surprised to find that a baby's eyes are *that* bad, even though I already knew that they aren't born with eyes that are fully developed (or rather, the brain doesn't really know how to deal with visual input yet).

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    That was really neat.

    Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    I didn't realize a mother's nipples produced something so the infant will smell it.

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    Very intresting. it actualy sounds like what any one would expereance if they where to be in a babys body and feel how they would. Espesily with the slow grouth of the body. But it all sounds realistic.

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    I remember finding that on Google a long time ago. It's a neat little story.

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    That's really cool, not to mention really interesting. I liked it a lot. Neat to read about how a baby senses and whatnot.

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    thanks for the link, when i get into baby space it feels kinda like what they're describing, or at least now it does

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    Am I the only one who thinks it sounds kinda scary? :P

    From being in this warm place inside your mother and then getting outside and being all exposed and everything changes for you! Like a traumatic experience or something.

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    I agree Mugiwara. I actually can remember my birth, and at the time I thought "What the Hell!" It was so traumatizing that I wanted to wear diapers and just act like a ..... oh, I was a baby!!! All kidding aside, when our first child was born, it was the most incredible experience of my life. To think that the two of us, and I take the smaller part of the credit here, actually made this child, you just have to experience it to appreciate it. Then the next coolest thing is to watch their development, because they don't see but a few inches from their faces, and it's just shapes and shadows. Even watching my 5 month old grandchild, it's amazing how quickly they develope.

    If you think how every part of the human body, from atoms to chemicals, proteins and DNA, the development of eyes, sense of smell, hearing and the appreciation of music, the list could go on for begin to believe in a Divine architect. There's chance, and then there's the impossible. Infant life, and early development is the most amazing thing I know.

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