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    No, I'm not gonna commit suicide... -_-

    I'm just wondering why people do it for such stupid reasons... For example, I know someone at my school whose father committed suicide about a month after they came back from their round the world trip because he couldn't stand a normal life anymore... That seems horrible.

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    It's quite hard to really know why some people do it.
    Some people just feel that they have failed and that there is only whatever lies beyond death as an alternative.
    Some people do it because they cannot live with things that have happened.

    In Japan it is quite normal for people to commit suicide after doing something dishonourable. I think I remember hearing about how some mechanics that failed to find a key fault on an airplane all committed suicide.

    There is also the odd religious mass suicide or pressure from the religion. The worst one that springs to mind was the Jim Jones cult in the 70's.

    To be really honest there are many different reasons for people to do it or contemplate it and it's the 2nd biggest killer of young people in the UK (after road deaths I think)

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    I did it because I couldn't continue to live as the person that I was forced to be. Fortunately, I was unsuccessful in ending my life as a physical entity, but I did manage to kill off the person I used to be. From the ashes of that, Sarah was born and I've never been happier <3

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    Seriously, it's for a number of reasons. Of course, you've got those weak willed people who just do it because their life in in the crapper, and they're in the mindset it can only get worse. For me, personally, I think taking your own life because your spouse broke up with you, or you lost your job, etc, is a pretty weak way to go, TBQH. It's kinda hard to explain my views on this.

    However, we do have the people who commit suicide for *real* reasons. I'm not saying that suicide is OK, but there are some things that I think can drive people to suicide, or certain situations where suicide is the only way out. Someone might be suffering from a severe case of manic depression, or even worse, Schizophrenia. Then we've also got the whole debate over Assisted suicide / Euthanasia when someone will undoubtedly die, but only after a few weeks / months in total agony.

    It's a tough thing to try and draw a line over what's a selfish, unneeded suicide and a suicide with some sort of purpose.

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    I got the scaries that this was a suicide note before I red the first line. (really)
    I think its mostly that they have mental problems. 2 girls in my school attempted suicide, but were caught (phew!). They both turned out to be. Bi-polar.

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    i wanted to kill myself when i was 5-8 years old, and i think i've finally pinpointed why. even now, i still hate me, but i don't live for me. i live for others without a care what happens to me. at the ages 3-8, a child is egocentric, meaning they cannot comprehend that other people can be hurt by your actions. at that age, all i knew was me, and i hated me. thankfully i never did end my life, and now i'm happier than i've ever been. everythings only gone uphill for me, and i don't see a peek yet.

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    what if someone in your family was schitzophrenic, and suddenly became possessed by an intense desire to kill themself? what if they refused any help, refused to see a therapist, and insisted on taking their own life? in a situation where someone is so mentally ill that they're not in control of their own thoughts and actions, isn't coersion necessary? would you let someone you love die, even if their suicidal feelings are the product of an illness and not their actual personality?

    the tricky thing with that, though, is that suicidal thoughts are technically classified as a mental illness by the DSM. that's why anyone who attempts suicide, even if it's for a perfectly logical, rational reason, can be locked up. and i think i agree with you that that often winds up silencing people who are afraid to speak up and get help.

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    All I have to say is, it's a shame that someone who is in this painful situation is unable to see any hope, because there always is hope. Even if they are living with unbelievable pain that is so isolating and sad, there is still hope. The problem is that it is hard to be able to imagine anything better when you're in that state. The person could have a loving family, people who care for them, a bright future, but inside, just feel an unexplainable pain that doesn't go away. There needs to be more public awareness of show that it doesn't make you a freak, or crazy, or anything like that, and that getting help CAN improve things. I had the worst couple of years of my life in elementary school (grades4,5,6). Partly because I was picked on (it's hard to look the other way when the *entire* playground/school population is chanting at you...), but also because I had seasonal depression. After about grade 7 or so, things picked up and, even though I wasn't in the popular crowd or anything in high school, I have great memories wouldn't trade it for the world. But it's hard to be able to imagine *any* of that when you're depressed.

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    People do it for all reasons some really stupid. Some reasons are; religion, hate, fear, mentality, parents, bad grades, loss of friends, abuse, drugs, sorrow, hurt, tragedy, pain, media, reputation, rules. There is no one reason for it and sometimes they don't show it they don't talk about it or show signs. Also one of my friends one day told me he had tried to kill him self in the past. Honestly I would have not believed him if he did not show me the scar down his wrist. Surprised the shit out of me. Stoped me were I was walking.

    And I like a few others have come close to killing myself a few times. (one of the reasons I used to cut.) One of the most recent was about a month ago. I was thinking abut going home an od'ing with vodka and some med's during the weekend Shitty day really bad lost a few friends, nearly got arrested, and expelled for shit i did not do, had the principal yell at me after I gave her honest answers twice and shit. Bad day no one knew about this. very few know still.I think there were only a few reasons I did not do it one being my friends and family the other being I had a lot of my friends see that something was wrong and cheered me up. Not the whole story.

    BTW: I am better now a lot happier and a lot better off after that lil incident. I do have a few people I talk to (no it's not shrinks just friends). And I also have a plan if something like that happens again.

    If any thing is confusing just tell me.

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