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    Default Hello folks.

    My name is Stephen and I live in VA. I have been a diaper lover for a while now. I am 26 now and started having the diaper urge in my early teens. I spent a lot of time wondering "Why am I this way?" but have come to the conclusion that I just am. I have lurked around ADISC to get insight into this "thing", and figured I might as well join up. I have hidden it ever since I started having the desire to wear diapers. I am not an AB.

    On a non-DL note, I guess I am like many other mid twenties men. I am a car guy to the core and love college football (Go Hokies!!) I am a Construction Estimator for a large construction firm so I work in an office environment.

    I was in a long distance relationship for four years (saw each other regularly while she was in school). After, she graduated, we moved in together and were married a few months later. I proposed before she graduated. My DL side is the only thing my wife doesn't know about. I have always kept my stash in my locked desk at work and don't wear at home since she moved in.

    I have tried to stop wearing many times, but it is on my mind every minute when I don't know when I can wear next. Even if my next opportunity is 3 months off, I am ok knowing it will come. It causes so much anxiety and cure all my anxiety at the same time. I am sure many of you understand.

    Well, I will stop mumbling. Hi!

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    That was a great intro. I'm from the DelMarVa area as well. I'm glad that things seem well for you in the married life. Hopefully life becomes less stressful for you as far as it goes for your DL side. You'll find that there are many members here that have stories of coming out to their spouses/significant others. I'm not sure if it's something you want to do but there's plenty of support for it. Personally, I came out to my girlfriend who I live with and I couldn't ask for a better outcome.

    Anyway, nice to meet you!

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    Hi Stephen,
    Welcome to Adisc, A nice intro, I can understand what you mean about wanting to wear and trying not to, most of us call it the purge/binge cycle and probably over 90% of members have done it and still do it, and If I'm honest I can't think of hearing of anyone who has been 'cured'. As for telling your wife, that is something that only you can decide, but I would recommned you think about it, you may be surprised by the response you get. As for the rest of your story, I'like a lot of members like to know a bit about the person in or behind the nappies, so why don't you tell us more about your hobbies and interests, tastes in books, music and movies. If you need some inspiration have a look at as there are some good ideas in it. I look forward to seeing you inthe forums.

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