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    I know that when I get into babyspace that I love thinking and talking in babytalk or baby sounds but I want to get other people's opinion as to what they like.

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    I'm not into babytalk really, besides my partner hates when people do it =P there's somewhat a boom of babytalking where I live (at least of people around my age). But I do childtalk, or something like that XD, I mean around 5-6 year old way of talking; fast, sometimes can't pronounce words, starts arguing and asking "why" just for the fun of it, sometimes do like crying, just act childly and stuffs, what's important is that there's not really a modification of the voice, just changes the expression. I don't know if that actually counts o_O.

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    I don't quite do "baby" talk, but maybe toddler or very young child talk. I find myself slipping into it a lot. That sort of cutesy babble and saying NO! all the time, etc. But yes, I definitely get into "babyspace", either by myself or with my boyfriend. Sometimes he won't play along and he'll suddenly get uncomfortable and that will sort of snap me out of it. It's odd when I don't even realize I'm doing it. People call it a persona, but sometimes I just feel like it's me.

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