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    In hopes of not giving too much information, I've been working in a warm environment at a job that I must keep moving at a quick pace. As a result I had to deal with a bit of chafing. Even outside of ABDL circles one of the best remedies for such skin issues is diaper rash cream.

    With luck I just happen to have a tube in house. Well I treated myself and went in to work last night only to find the treatment to be more distracting than the pain it averted.

    Working on the assembly line I sit for some jobs, crawl on my knees for some, and stretch to reach others. What I found was that when I sat and tucked to just the right angle to shoot a screw, crawled to connect a duct, or sat to use a torque tool I was overpowered with the scent.

    This did two things; threw my concentration off each time I caught the scent, and made me a bit self conscious as I wondered how obvious this was to a coworker who may wonder why they kept smelling something reminiscent of a baby's room each time their process brought them close to me. Oh, and for the record when I say close I mean inches from the other person if not shoulder to shoulder.

    I must say that were it not for wondering if anyone else could smell it the scent did have an amazing calming effect on me in an otherwise rushed situation.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences?
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