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Thread: Ice in Diaper?

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    Default Ice in Diaper?

    Hi all!

    I was wondering if anyone has ever put ice cubes in their diaper? I don't know what compelled me, but I dumped a couple cups of icy-cold water and ice cubes in my makeshift diaper today, it feels very a good way.

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    It seems like an odd idea, but it might be useful in the summer when it gets extremely hot. I probably wouldn't try this though... maybe.

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    With enough Ice, the only real side effect you will notice is that your,,,,man bits,, will feel numb due to having been around the ice for an extended period of time. And a word to the wise on this idea,, DO NOT jump into a hot shower right away unless you want to feel like you bits are being sprayed with boiling water. One temperature extreme to another doesn't feel too nice,,,, especially down there.

    And yes on a hot day, it does feel nice, especially if you are outside doing a chore.

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    I'd hate to imagine having to pull an ice cube of your scrotum a la tongue on lamppost situation.

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    I once poured water in a diaper and then put it in the freezer. I pulled it out before it was frozen solid, more like ice slush. I did that because I had a high fever and no pills at home to lower it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pajamakitten View Post
    I'd hate to imagine having to pull an ice cube of your scrotum a la tongue on lamppost situation.
    Ha, actually that did sorta happen to me. I felt like the cubes were sticking to me so before taking it off, i poured a bit of lukewarm water in. Voila!

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    Brrr.... dont fancy ice anywhere down there :/

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    This is a strange topic to say the least =p

    Certainly breaks the monotony though =)

    But, no I would never fancy putting ice cubes in my diaper or underwear. Having swam in almost freezing water and knowing how that felt before, I don't want to know what frozen water feels like x_x

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    I didn't like it, makes your butt really numb and then after a while it becomes too sore :P

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