Just wondering how many of you intend to play / are in Beta for Star Wars: The Old Republic?
I'd quite like to get to know a few people before it launches as I've always found MMOs most enjoyable playing with a select few friends rather than being in some guild of 3000 members who you barely know.

I'm quite excited as my MMO life has sorta ended recently when my 2 year long 24/7 addiction to Lord of the Rings Online died.

I'm still torn as to which class I should play though, I'm drawn towards a healing class as thats what I've always played in MMOs up till now but I slightly lost my confidence healing when I played WoW for a few months with tanks who love to run around in dps stats/gear and then blame the healer.
I tend to feel bad if I'm playing the healer & the group dies even if I know for a fact its not my fault.