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Thread: Here's an odd problem :p

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    Default Here's an odd problem :p

    One for the ladies here - when i became IC through spinal damange, i couldnt walk for around 6 months. My body seemed to rewire itself and combined with intense phusio i can walk run now (though im a bit wobbly running). the thing is it seems to have had an unforseen consequence...

    When im walking about, my legs rub against the nappy or themselves and i get rather aroused, to the point of orgasm sometimes! This never happened before my accident, so i was wondering if some of the nerves controlling my lady parts have been roped into helping me walk or something?

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    That is odd. I'm not a doctor, I just read a lot, but as I understand it orgasm is a spinal reflex. Perhaps the spinal nerves involved are more active when they are partially disconnected from the brain, which might have an inhibitory effect when the connections are all there.

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