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Thread: Don't you just hate it when...

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    Default Don't you just hate it when...

    You get something new and interesting and fet-related, but can't even get it out of the box?

    Not a big deal to some here, but my wife and I have been doing some play that necessitated some slightly more effeminate diapers, and so I ordered a pack of Molicare Super.

    Came in today, great! Except today is the day we have my son here, so the box is still sitting unopened in a corner of my bedroom... GRRRRR!

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    I know the feeling, I just ordered a pack of Abena's and they get here tomorrow, bad news is my Mom texted me and said she would be home tomorrow. So my box will have to wait....On the bright side my paci got here today, when the computer said it would also arrive tomorrow.

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