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Thread: would you help out a marine

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    Default would you help out a marine

    i have a neighbor thatis an ex marine and he is trying to raise money for wounded solders by riding his bike from California all the way to new york just wondering if any of you would be willing to donate anything to the cause.

    he is trying to raise $50,000 American and im trying to get the word out so if any one is willing to donate then please let me know you would be giving to a great cause. he is already being funded by the military base here in the sierras but still has a long ways to go.

    i will soon have the web site URL when he has the donation page up i am just spreading the awareness in advance so i can gather some Intel.any donations would be great what ever you can afford is great from $5 to whatever it doesn't matter what ever you can do to help is great. i know that it sounds like a scam or something because i dont have a web page to give you but like i said im just trying to get the word out before the thing happens.

    he should be starting the treck in mid april or late may and he will have a tracking device on his bike so people can look were he is in the states.any help is greatly appreciated if you are intrerested let me know please and i will answer any questions you might have and go into further detail
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    well no hits what so ever interesting to think that 60 people have looked at this and didnt say anything hmmmm shows what our society has come to anyway i now have the url for his page so here it is


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    That's a cool thing to do. He's gonna be going through some pretty rough terrain there. I went through that exact route in an 18 wheler. I can say I got plenty of exercising changing gears and spent a lot of money going through the same trek burning fuel.

    I'm not able to support financially. I'll go ahead and hope he can achieve his goal.

    You should start out with local radio stations and try to build recognition.

    We should donate some diapers so he doesn't have to stop very often lol j/k.

    I'm sure he can pull in more than 50K.

    I also know that the government does a piss poor job helping troops when they get home after the fact. Some of our tax dollars are supposed to go and aid troops back to a normal life but officials do otherwise.

    I wish luck to your friend and good luck in his odyssey.

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    You know, I have a lot of respect for those who serve and I have a story I can share with ya all. The other week I was at Subway and I talked to one of the recruiters from the next-door recuritment center and I told the guy how much I appreciate what our troops do and how I was raised to respect those in uniform. As I was talking to the guy, the customer in front of us paid for the soldier's lunch... which the guy found out when he went to pay for his lunch and the cashier told him that the customer before him, who had said; "Thanks for serving." on his way out.

    I loved seeing that because it made me know I am not alone in respecting our troops.

    So, I just wanted to let you know I have a lot of respect for what your neighbor will do and for his service in the military. I have known soldiers who have been injured in the line of duty and I know it can be tough. In fact, my father's best friend was a tank driver in Korea who lost his sight during the war. I have always and still admire Mr. Parker.

    Kudos to your neighbor. I hope he reaches his goal.


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    awsome thanks guys for understanding what im trying to spread here it seems like nobody even cares anymore i dont know why but when people see stuff like this they just read and go on there way like it doesnt matter but it is a big deal what my neighbor is doing.

    what he is doing so unselfish unlike most people in todays society any ways thanks for acknowledging the matter hopefully you guys will think about giveing a donation or maybe spreading the word to someone else that might.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlebear1223 View Post
    well no hits what so ever interesting to think that 60 people have looked at this and didnt say anything hmmmm shows what our society has come to anyway i now have the url for his page so here it is

    I really don't appreciate this comment. You don't know if those 60 people had decided to donate or not, and were just waiting for the link, you just assumed. Aside from that, you stereotyped and tried to guilt-trip people into giving, or at least responding. If you want responses, be up-front about it and say, 'Hey, I would appreciate it if those who were going to donate responded,' and if you are trying to get more people to give, don't make them feel guilty. I like the cause, but I do not like the way you went about getting support for it.

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    I would love to donate... but I have no money. And yeah, our society has come to it. Shame.

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