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Thread: Sex sells!

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    Default Sex sells!

    I have a Five Guys near where I work that I go to for lunch maybe once a week. There's a cute girl behind the counter who makes sure to always smile at me and say hi- and she knows my name because I often order online and carry lunch out. More recently, it's jumped up a notch where she's flirting with me pretty brazenly. I can usually expect her to wink, shake her hips a bit, shake her chest a little, and tell me she looked forward to seeing me. All while smiling.

    As a result, I almost always leave a tip.

    Tell me: what's the difference between this and prostitution?

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    I guess the same sort of difference as trolling forums and murdering people.

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    OP: I love Five Guys! ^^

    Hmmm, I think the only diffrence is that you didn't actually have sex with the cashier? The cashier is selling sex appeal, not sex.

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    The fact that she might actually be interested in you, as opposed to being forced to have sex with you for a wad of cash.

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    Around Seattle--probably elsewhere too!--there has been a recent "epidemic" of drive-through espresso stands staffed by minimally-clothed young women, now termed "bikini baristas." Of course, almost immediately, allegations arose that patrons were not simply being given the coffee drinks they'd ordered, but were also being shown a bit more skin than a bikini normally reveals, and were in some cases allowed to touch what they saw. There was one such espresso stand not far from a friend's house, and whenever I drove by it, there was always a loooooong line of cars!

    So yes, sex does indeed sell. Very effectively!

    Since those stands began appearing, most cities in the area have passed ordinances that require them to be licensed as "adult entertainment" rather than simply as food vendors.


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    Prostitution is trading money for sex or sexual favors. Sex sells is a term often used by marketing, where they place something "sexual" could be anything from a half naked woman/man to sell an item. Commercials where a woman is eating a chicken sandwich seductively or anything of the sort.

    I wouldn't call what she was doing any of the above, it sounded more like she liked you. You should ask her out ; )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Setsuya View Post
    The fact that she might actually be interested in you, as opposed to being forced to have sex with you for a wad of cash.

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    What setsuya said..

    But your right, the line is getting awful grey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orcaway View Post
    the line is getting awful grey.
    I don't see how? Someone flirting with someone else is nowhere near using sex to gain money, unless the only reason she does it, is because he tips each time, but considering most people tip when they go places, I doubt that is the reason.

    It's plain and simple she likes him and she keeps hinting at it.

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    does this really need a thread (or to be pointed out)

    sorry just a little obvious to me

    if I've been too blunt, sorry.

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