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Thread: This may be a new idea for heavy wetters (males).

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    Smile This may be a new idea for heavy wetters (males).

    I had an illness with fever and was given a medication which gave me diarrhea at first. (This is not about the diarrhea, though.) Because of the diarrhea, I wore a Prevail brand light pull-up type diaper to bed as a precaution. Either the illness or the medication made me wet the bed big time. Fortunately I have a plastic cover on my mattress, because I had a major urine leak.The next night I used a Depend brand heavy tape-up diaper and wore my regular underwear briefs over it to snug it up. I also folded a large bath towel in half and put it on the mattress cover in place of my fitted sheet. I came close to saturating the towel that night.

    What finally worked was this: I put on one diaper inside out and I punched a hole in it, placing my penis through the hole and covering it with another diaper. This sandwiched it between 2 absorbent layers so that no matter which direction the urine ran it had to hit one or the other. I also wore 2 pairs of regular cotton briefs over the diapers to snug them up. The next morning I could not tell I was wet until I looked. I weighed the wet diapers and got a weight difference of 16 ounces between wet and dry.

    Another advantage of this arrangement is that far less skin and hair gets wet, probably 98% less.

    I used the heavy Depend diaper on the inside and the light fitted Prevail diaper on the outside since I had both available, but I suspect that 2 of the Prevails would work well enough.
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    One thing: Call it a penis, a winky, a willy, a dick, a cock, a shaft, a trousersnake, DrJakal Jr...but not a 'membrum virile'...I'm guessing most people won't have any clue what you're talking about until they google it...I know I didn't :P

    Still...this sounds like a good tip, although it sounds like the inner plastic layer would be touching your skin, which would bother me, maybe guys feel different though? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharliePup View Post
    DrJakal Jr
    I loled so hard, didnt know that one.

    Well, I dont know about the guys thingy, but have you tried stuffing the diaper with tena pads or baby diapers? it makes it last for looong.

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    I see there is no profanity filter here! I kind of expected some one to complain about the obsolete term. You are right, it is a little silly and pompous-sounding, and using obscure words does not make for good communication. At least I didn't say 'pencil', that would be way too cutesy. I also refrained from claiming that in my case only 50% of my skin stays dry instead of 98% for most men.

    Anyway, in answer to your question, both the Depends and the Prevail diapers use a porous non-woven cloth outer layer with a second waterproof layer covering only the absorbent pad. Probably that is one reason they leak. Having the cloth outer shell on the inside against the skin was not too bad. If it gets too sweaty one could wear cotton underwear under it.

    I don't suppose this arrangement could could be made to work for females, unless (in all seriousness) they have no pubic hair and are willing to use something like a colostomy adhesive or a pediatric urine collection bag with the end cut out. Maybe a bigger hole? It seems most unlikely.

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    Well, now you know an obsolete Latin term that most dictionaries probably don't list. It might not even be on the web sites that try to have the complete list of synonyms. Hmm... Reminds me of the warning about Cyrano de Bergerac's bad temper: "Make no mention of anything pointed or cylindrical!"

    I have heard about Tena pads and baby diapers with slit covers but that puts the elements in series, resulting in higher resistance, rather than in parallel for lower resistance and 360 degree containment. Also, I was working with what I had on hand and about too sick to want to go shopping. Some how I don't feel as silly buying adult diapers as adult diapers plus baby diapers.

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    I see that the way the reply function on this board works, I should address my replies to individuals by name. Sorry. The first reply was to CharliePup and the second was to WiLiKi. I must be slow today, I almost asked if WiLiKi was a Colombian word. Ouch! I am that tired.

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    [QUOTE=WiLiKi;735480]I loled so hard, didnt know that one.

    I think I have seen just plain 'Junior' before. Anything of a certain shape, many proper names, a lot of puns (bushwhacker?). We may have derailed my thread. Anything that comes in pairs can represent the male or female paired parts. It took me many years to realize that the children's song "Do Your Ears Hang Low" was most likely originally not about ears and not suitable for children. Maybe it is more obvious to those who didn't learn it in childhood.

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    I was mistaken, I took another look at the package and what I called Depend brand was CVS drugstore brand "compare to Depend" heavy duty with refastenable tapes. Sorry to cause confusion.

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    I think my temporary incontinence is gone. I believe one of my doctors told me one time a few years back that illnesses causing a fever tend to irritate the bladder even though the bladder itself is not infected. Maybe that accounts for it. I think the leakage was basically caused by the fact that I have trained myself to sleep on my side in order to keep my airway open and stop myself from snoring. I tried to sleep on my stomach as I did when I was a child, but I can no longer get comfortable in that position. Apparently my neck is no longer flexible enough to do that.

    I hope some of the other male ICs out there will try my arrangement. Do you suppose that I will have to add the words 'women' and 'girls' to the tag line in order to get some of them to read my post?

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    I tried this for a road trip as I typically have problems with leaks when driving. I had a molicare super inside out. it felt so weird.... and then a dry 24/7 on top. It did work really well. I might purchase some cheap clothlike underwear diapers as an inner diaper for those trips and also for sleeping on my side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irataliw View Post
    I tried this for a road trip as I typically have problems with leaks when driving. I had a molicare super inside out. it felt so weird.... and then a dry 24/7 on top. It did work really well. I might purchase some cheap clothlike underwear diapers as an inner diaper for those trips and also for sleeping on my side.
    Well from what drjakal said about his experiment is that it would be ideal to use a cloth-like diaper as the inner, inside-out diaper so that the outside of the diaper would be facing your skin. A plastic backed diaper would surely feel uncomfortable as the inside diaper.

    I've thought about this method for a while, but I've never actually done it, I should give it a try sometime lol. I guess I just thought that I would get way too uncomfortable with my penis sticking through a diaper all day. I also kinda like the feel of urinating my diaper and adding all that extra padding (while it sounds comfortable) might be way less gratifying than a single diaper.

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    I would just like to update on this idea.

    I recently tried drjakal's idea of putting a diaper on inside out with another diaper over it and leaving your penis between the two diapers. My inner diaper was a Goodnite (I could not for the life of me, figure out how to put on a tape up diaper inside out) and the outer diaper was an Abena M4. It pretty much lasted all day long with very little problems.

    There are a few things to watch out for however:
    • You may not notice it since you will be wearing 2 diapers, but the outer one will begin to sag and start to gradually slip off the heavier it gets. Wear something that will keep the diaper in place to prevent any embarrassment.
    • When changing, use extra care to remove the inner diaper because when wet, there will be a lot of small little gels particles just everywhere. I had to use 4 baby wipes to clean everything up to a comfortable cleanliness, but I suppose that makes up for the fact that everything but your penis will be dirty. If you don't shave down there (and I don't) good luck cleaning up those little things, I had to shower right after.
    • You can't poop... unless you want the poop to be on the outside part of the inner diaper. It would be just an awful mess to clean up, just don't do it.
    • Be very careful not to let any air pockets into your diaper before sitting down. The smell of the waft can be very stinky, probably worse than if you had just worn the diaper like your supposed to.

    Overall it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. There was definitely a lot of extra bulk, but when I peed, I could not feel the wetness at all, but I did feel the warmth which made me very happy.

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    I have used htis kind of pad in the way suggested by others - You can also get ones without a waterproof backing which means no need to slit or cut. both kinds fit neatly and fairly unobtrusively insdie a "normal" diaper.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I generally just use baby diapers as soakers, although I've never tried flipping the inner layer inside-out before. It's an interesting idea, and I imagine that a proper plastic diaper inside-out on the inside could be kinda fun for those of us that like plastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xbabyx View Post
    I imagine that a proper plastic diaper inside-out on the inside could be kinda fun for those of us that like plastic.
    I like plastic. However, I imagine that a long day with plastic pressed up against your body would cause a lot of sweat and an inevitably uncomfortable day. I won't shun the idea, but I still need to figure out how to put a tape-up diaper on inside out :P

    ...Thinking about it, it would be fun under certain circumstances, like if it were really cold and you could wear nothing but the diapers and just sit back and relax.

    Also, this idea got me thinking of a great idea for the way diapers could be massively produced, obviously aimed towards men. The inside padding could have a sort of pocket or hole that you would just stick you dick in allow it to sit between two layers of soft padding. I couldn't help think that the way I've been doing it so far really prevents one from deucing in the diaper. If I wanted to or really needed to in an emergency, I couldn't and if it came to it, I would have to disassemble the entire diaper, thus making it counter productive, but if the pocket idea were put into place, one could do both jobs where the front of the diaper incorporates this new idea.

    Its just a thought, it may or may not be possible, but if it were ever invented, that diaper would become my staple diaper.

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    [/COLOR]I could not for the life of me, figure out how to put on a tape up diaper inside out

    It is tricky. You have to hold the tape down and apply the panel to it as if the panel was the tape. I don't see how it could be done without repositionable tapes. One might put the diaper on normally, then slide it off and reverse it.

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