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Thread: Hey Everybody! :)

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    Default Hey Everybody! :)

    Hey hey, my name's RamenRage if you couldn't guess (On a side note, I just made some Ramen too :p). I've looked at ADISC for a long time now, and decided it was time for me to join.

    I've actually been into the AB/DL scene for a while now; about since my early days of High School. Fast forward a few years and I am now a full time student at the University I've always dreamed of! I'm usually a real quiet person, but I can be out-going. I'm also super friendly, so I promise I won't bite lol.

    My main interests are playing sports, playing video games, making good grades (who doesn't like that lol), and most importantly, hanging with my girlfriend. To put it simply, she means a whole lot to me. She has no clue about this side of me, but as dumb as this may sound, I'd give it all up for her. I listen to all types of music; literally anything! And I'm like a major sugar addict LOL.

    As far as my diaper side, I'm both AB and DL, with a lotta sissy mixed in. I'm mostly AB, but over the past few years, my DL side is growing, and my sissy is just now kinda starting to develop.

    Anyways, just thought I'd say Hiii (: See y'all around on here!

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    Hello RamenRage! It is a pleasure to meet you. First off, random question, do you ever eat Ramen uncooked? Some of my friends do and I haven't tried it yet. I thought you might have an opinion in regards to your name but who knows What kind of video games do you play? I love RTS's most of all, how about yourself? Also, Welcome to ADISC.

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    Hi, RamenRage. Welcome to ADISC, I am glad you finally decided to join us. That was a very good intro., by the way. What classes are you taking ?, and do you have a major selected ? Anyway, I am sure you will enjoy the time you spend here and I look forward to reading your posts. Take care and have fun.

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    Erick: Actually, I do occasionally, and it is very very good! I'm mostly into RPG's, Adventure and sports games.

    Fifigal: Thank you! I put a good bit of effort, time and thought into it. As far as my classes, they're all pretty basic: Chemistry, Poly Sci, Precal, History, etc... And I'm currently going for some type of engineering major

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    Hmmm, interesting, another positive reaction to uncooked ramen.. I think I am obligated to try it sometime soon then.... Just seems kinda nasty if you ask probibly did not want to hear thatt..but there you go I am sure I will warm up to it soon after trying..I hope so at least!

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    fifigal, just wanted to say hello to a fellow Saint Louis member and welcome RamenRage to

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