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Thread: Girlfriend and diaper interests?

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    Default Girlfriend and diaper interests?

    I have a question for this group. I have been into this lifestyle since I was in my early teens. We have been together for almost a year and I havn't told her yet about my disires for diapers or being a little boy. Since we have been dating there have a couple of times that she has hinted about abdl stuff. The two major instances were with the strange addiction episode with Riley Kilo. This week she had been sick and I have been taking care of her. Last night while she was picking me up we were talking about taking care of her and she mentioned about taking care of her like she was a baby: building a crib, feeding her a bottle and changing her diapers.

    I am unsure what to think.

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    two things spring to mind, either she knows, in which case throw yourself onthe mercy of the court and admit all. Or she is interested, talk to her about it, see where it leads!

    Ask her if you get a nappy that fit her would she like to try one on? or even use one like a baby. If she says yes, make sure you have another one for when you chnage her, then youcan talk about you

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    My girlfriend has been making "similar comments" for a while. That is, only about two or three times during the last year or so, and it's been over six months since the last time, but still. Now, it may seem a bit mad, but I actually haven't talked with her about it yet - mainly because we've only just moved to the same country (she moved from Ireland to Denmark).

    In my case - as far as I can remember - the comments were something like "if I wanted to change her?" (she asked me that before going to the toilet in an airport), and at two other times she said something like "it would be easier wearing a nappy to bed than having to get up and go to the toilet when I wake up".

    I figure she must know about me being a DL, cos at other times she has made other comments indicating that she really doesn't like the idea of nappies. For example she has asked me not to hold her bum in a certain way that reminds her of how one would hold a baby's nappied bum.

    Looking back at it, I think that her comments were probably her way of trying to get me to talk about it, especially considering the airport comment.

    But I agree that you should definitely talk to her about it. I know thatís a bit of an ironic statement seeing as I havenít done so myself yet Ė but I am definitely going to! And soon.

    Not sure if that was any help, but I hope so

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    HI Both and Hello TheDane, I think I may have spoken to your girlfriend as the moving from Ireland to Denmark rings a bell. You should both talk to your GF's.

    When my wife was still alive, and during our early days of marriage I told her about my AB side, (obviously she knew i was IC), and also asked her if she wanted to try nappies, she did for a few nights, aand woke up at least once a night and in the morning wet, wether deliberatly or by accident I don't know, but given her reaction I think it was accidental and she was very embarresed about it and didn't continue with it, but when she could she would be my mummy, during our early marriage that was quite often and when I wet during the night she would often change my nappy. Unfortuantely her health deteriorated and later on the times she could mummy me became less and less and actually more and more special.

    What I am saying is, if you have the possibility of an accepting and participating partner then you should be honest and open. It will add a side to your relationship that is very special and tender and 200% trusting and loving. Even if you end up being the daddy more than the baby. Having a wet nappy changed and being washed by a loving partner, or being bottle fed or bathed or any of the 100's of other things that can happen is wonderful, doing it for and to someone you love is also very special. If you go on to live together and hopefully marriage, it will add a lot extra to your marriage and make both of you wonderful partners to each other.

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    PCBaby I sorry to hear about your wife, sounds like she was an amazing woman, I agree with you.

    My GF made hints here and there about being a little kid on the inside. Finally after a year and a few months I came out, As it turns out she has zero Ab/dl desires inside, but she loves me none the less. Our love is strong so strong in fact that she is ok with me wearing, and diapers me and although its all still new (about two months ago i told her) and she hasn't babied me, she is still very accepting and very loving. Its helped our relationship become truly intimate. I can truly tell her everything,. I feel one cant be truly intimate with exposing everything, WHen you hide ur diaper side you hide part of who you are, IDk. All I know is its helped feel so much better about my self and even made our sex life amazing, as i no longer et angry wen a diaper/ ab thought enters my head during it. My point if shes a girl you plan on being with for a long time, Tell Her, and take it from there.

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    talk to her about it. My boyfriend didn't tell me about it until we were dating for 2 years. He told me about it and little by little I started to get into it as well and we're having a blast now! I'm sure she will be accepting if she truly loves you whether or not she gets it in. She might end up being like me and at first be okay with changing you but she'll try and get into diapers and you end up having a playmate I'd talk to her about it first!

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    Wow thank you all for posting. Hopefully I will get more feedback. We are going to be coming up on our 1yr of dating. If and when I aproach her, what are some of the better ways of aproaching the topic with her? BTW I have read any of the other post that are about this type of subject so I am sorry if it is a redundent question.

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    well, as for 'testing the waters'. I usually do the comment of a strange dream involving diapers. From this approach you can include as much or as little detail as you feel you need, and still have a very plausible escape route by saying,,hey, it was only a dream.

    I have thought of many different aspects of 'coming out' to someone, and this is about the most fool-proof method I know for testing for any reactions. If the response is a positive one, then,,,,,there you go,,, an open door through which to begin the actual conversation. If you get a rather negative response, then you'll know pretty much what to expect should you decide to 'come out'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCBaby View Post
    HI Both and Hello TheDane, I think I may have spoken to your girlfriend as the moving from Ireland to Denmark rings a bell.
    Hiya, thanks for the reply, and really sorry to hear about your wife. Can't imagine what I'd do if I lost my girlfriend like that, must have been very tough.

    About the "bell ringing" - it wasn't my introduction thread? Otherwise - or either way - I'd be very interested to hear more about it if possible. I will try to get time to start a thread about it soon I think.

    All the best,
    The Dane

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    No I don't think it was your intro, haave either of you posted on other sites?

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