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Thread: "First Quality" diapers

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    Default "First Quality" diapers

    first pack of "adult diapers" - YouTube

    Was watching this video, and wondering what these "First Quality" brand diapers are like?

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    They're pretty rubbish, thin and don't hold much, as I recall. They're one of the el cheapo varieties you'd find in a medical supply store, as they're one of the el cheapo varieties that a medical facility might have on hand. If you stumble on them at the Salvation Army for $3 per pack, then go for it, but don't spend much more than that on them.

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    They are trash. My wife bought 2 cases at a random junk auction for $6 total. She overpaid, AFAIC. It'd take about 6-7 of them to handle one decent wetting.

    That said, they make great packing material. We use them when we go to yard sales and auctions to wrap up fragile items.

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