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    been seeing some great stuff in the global warming thread and instead of discombobulating it i wanted to start a new thread.
    so what's your take on Greensburg, Kansas? do you think the whole town changing over to renewable sources is going to be a forward look to the future of towns and municipalities or is it a futile ideal that'll flounder in a few years after 'green-ism' dies?
    personally, i hope it does well and leads the way in new, localized technologies and ideas and a new future towards living sustainably rather than wastefully, but in all reality it might all be futile considering they're in an active tornado area and all their techno-town stuff may all be erm... gone with the wind in a few years.

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    I think there should be a real drive for renewable and efficient energy sources in the future. We do only have a limited supply of fossil fuels and I don't think our consumption will stop until we've bled the earth dry. To support our growing population, development and demand, renewable and environmentally friendly energies may be the only viable option we have.

    I know here in Australia they are developing energy from "Hot Rocks". Basically, they drill real deep into the earth in areas of high geothermal activity. They then pump water down into these rocks, which is converted to steam and sent back up to power turbines and produce electricity. Since the only by-product is steam, it is recollected, condensed and pumped back into the earth again to start the cycle over.

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    yeah, theres no reason why, if it can be done, you shouldnt do it.

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    Certainly would be nice if we could not depend on Oil from one of the worlds worst dictatorships.

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    Greensburg was a little scary, when you are only a two hour drive away, and there have been more tornados touching down this year than any other year I remember. I have spent many a night in the basement this year with the power off. But in Kansas you just kinda get used to it.

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    I think if you house has been destroyed, and there is new technology to rebuild it, go ahead and do it.

    But I think the cost or adding these things to existing homes is going to cost too much at this time, to ever be able to make it pay to do it.

    I looked a little in to solar panels, for electric, and a small system is like 50 grand, I would have to tack that on to the house when I was going to sell it, and that wouldn't help sell the house but to a few people.

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    it's also like upgrading anything. same ideas with cars. most people won't upgrade a whole car in a month because it's super expensive so they do bolt ons and simple mods first.
    same thing with a house. a few things here and there would be nice to do to ease our separation from relying on other places to gather our energy for us.

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    It's the future. Understanding clean energy technologies is going to be essential to managing a successful United States and Planet Earth.

    Hopefully they can find a way to do it in a way that doesn't destroy our economy (then again, staying on our current track will just eventually crash us)

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