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  • Completely AB

    12 6.42%
  • Mostly AB

    23 12.30%
  • Equally AB and DL

    41 21.93%
  • Mostly DL

    75 40.11%
  • Completely DL

    36 19.25%
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Thread: Where are you on the AB/DL scale?

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    Default Where are you on the AB/DL scale?

    I've been trying to figure this out for myself... I think I started as completely a DL, but I've drifted more towards the AB side so I think I'm equally an AB and DL. I'm not into most baby things, although I do like kids stuff like footie pajamas and cartoons.

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    I turned to diapers for comfort at first and yes it was also still quite pleasureable. After a while say a few months i started to experimented with other ab/dl stuff that if found to be comforting and soothing and overall amazing. I still have my dl side and ab and i think there quite equal maybe leans to the ab side more now but ill say equal.And i think with quite a few people on the site that they have tryed ab things and have liked it, it could have been hidden away or you could have always liked it.

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    I am a total 100% Adult Baby

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    urgh... i am split between mostly AB and equally AB/DL. But i think that i because i have not had a lot of diaper time recently. I think it is still close to equal... ok yep. Im going to say equal.

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    i started out as DL. But since I've joined this sight, my TBness has gotten way up there. I'd say roughly equal

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    At first I was all DL but recently that has shifted a lot more to AB, almost equal maybe now 40% DL and 60% AB

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    when I came here I was DL. A day later I was AB... then another day later BF... this site seems to convert people strangely well lol

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