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    Hey everyone, just letting you know I'm a "new" member. I guess I made an account some time ago and never did this, so I must be a 3rd degree lurker. Anyway, I've been a DL all my life pretty much, some of my earliest memories are me being jealous of the kids still in diapers while I was in preschool. I feel as I've grown up my DLism side has lessened (which is more of a physical thing for me) and I'm gaining interest in ABism which is a more emotional/spiritual thing.

    Some things I like to do include video games (psyched for the new Forza and Battle Field 3 coming out), paintballing, snowboarding, and a good read IF I find a book or material I actually like which is hard. I'm currently a student in Arizona.

    If anyone lives around Phoenix, Arizona or the Bay Area in California (my home state) I'd be interested in knowing. I know we're everywhere, but if I find we have a heightened population in an area I'm in, I can at least allow myself to feel a little optimistic about meeting a fellow ABDL or caretaker in person which I still have yet to do. I think I'll fit in nicely hear and look forward to becoming part of this community.

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    Hi there Whatisface,
    and welcome to Adisc. that's a great, well written intro, doesn't leave much to say really. Do you have a girlfriend? and if you do, does she know about the nappies and the ab side of you? You also have IC down in your profile, I don't know what type you suffer with, but there a lot of us around and ther is an IC forum, inthe Diaper Talk forum section. Just one thing Adisc is more of a support group and not really a place to arrainge meetings so be careful how you say things or the mods will be out with their scissors.

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    YAAASSS!! New Forza is gonna be epic!

    Sorry. Let me start over. I'm Dash. Welcome to ADISC.
    I personally am not from Arizona or Cali unfortunately, but nonetheless am happy to meet new people through the forums, regardless of how far away they are. I think that's the best outlook to have on here since, as PCBaby said, we're more a support forum than a "let's meet up" forum. I mean yeah, we organise meet ups, but for sociable reasons rather than DL or TB-related reasons.

    You seem a very sociable person, so you won't have any problems getting into the spirit of the forum and joining in on the banter and good times that come with it. Any questions, feel free to ask - no such thing as a stupid question
    See ya around,


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    Hey, thanks for the replies. Anyway, to let you know a little more about me. I don't have a girlfriend and haven't had one for about a year and a half to two years. I don't really want a serious relationship and I certainly don't want a long distance relationship (she goes to a different college). She didn't know about my Ab and DL side. I only came to terms with it less then a year ago so I haven't dared told anyone yet. My older brother and either one of my friends or my parents found my items on two different occasions, but that was a while ago and it's a kind of don't ask don't tell sort of deal. I'm not incontinent anymore really, except for maybe that one night when the planets are alined weirdly or something or I drink. Up until I was 13 I would have "pee" dreams (I think this is a pretty much universal term now) every now and then and would usually end up wetting. I still have the dreams, but don't wet anymore. I'll probably fix that on my profile since I don't feel I'm officially IC any more.
    I've recently been thinking about ADISC and realized one reason it appeals to me so much. I've been getting bored with some ABDL activities or they've been less consistent in satisfying me. ADISC gives it a new dimension. By adding the community and social side, that is something that is new to me for my ABDLism and am looking forward to it. I don't expect ADISC or the internet to be a good source for meeting anyone, but you could always meet someone you know. I just want to say, it feels great say this.

    That first part was more for PCBaby and the whole making friends thing. So anyway, hey Dash! I already preordered the limited edition of Forza and BF3. I hate the price of that &*#$. It adds up quickly. Anyway I don't know if you know anything about cars or if you just know stuff about the cars from Forza, but what are you looking forward to the most that is coming out car related. I'm assuming you've already seen the Lamborghini Aventador. If you haven't then slap to your face! There's also the new BMW M5 F10 and Koenigsegg Agera and Agera R. Of course there's the Bughatti Super Sport and Ferraris and Porches, but the Lambo, Beamer, and Koenigsegg are my favorite so far. You also need to look up the Dagger GT built by TranStar= 2500hp:0-60 in less than 1.5s: first car expected to break 300 mph mark.

    I'm also a TV addict. Futurama, The Simpsons, Southpark, Spongebob, How I met Your Mother, Blue Mountain State, seinfeld, Family Guy, American Dad, are just a few shows to name that I like. I like dubstep and rap as my main music but I like everything but country.I love to paintball when I have the funds. Last summer I got an Ego sl8r marker with a dye rotor. So there's some more stuff I could talk about forever probably. I honestly don't know how much I'll check this thread, but I hope I consistently check all my threads. If you're reading this and you post something and you want a long heated talk about it, LET ME KNOW if you post a new thread and I haven't posted on it and I'll do my best to. I want to talk about stuff and when I check at the wee hours in the morning I'll feel to lazy to post a new thread unless I have a message too, but I'll certainly be looking for threads that catch my eye. Speaking of which, it's super early in the morning now so I'm sorry about any errors or ambiguous sentences.

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