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Thread: If you could live anywhere...

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    Default If you could live anywhere...

    If you could live anywhere in the world, regardless of cost, where would that be?

    Just an interesting topic that I thought might be fun to talk about.

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    oh oh oh uhmm somewhere like either Italy or Sweden
    or maybe Australia

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    You know, Sweden is actually a very nice place to live. I think it has the highest life expectancy in the world.

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    I think I'd live in a village in the hills of Ireland. Other than that, a loft in Japan. =o

    Or..... A relic type castle in Scotland

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Russian View Post
    You know, Sweden is actually a very nice place to live. I think it has the highest life expectancy in the world.
    List of Countries by Life Expectancy

    Andorra is the highest, surprisingly o_O

    As for where I'd live... probably Norway, until the cold gets to me.

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    Ooh, this is an interesting topic.

    I want to see everywhere, or at least as much as I can but I would like to live for a few years in both New Zealand and Iceland. New Zealand for the greenery, natural beauty and landscape and Iceland (the most developed country in the world) for the culture and history, the Northern Lights, the experience of living in such a different climate and just because it's always attracted me.

    I imagine I will end up back in Britain in the long term as there is a lot I like about my home but I don't want to live here all my life and I would love to spend perhaps a couple of years in each of the two places I mentioned. I also rather fancy spending a year in Dublin but that doesn't seem anything like as extreme a shift as Britain and Ireland has such long and close ties.

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    IF I could bring my friends with me.... Then it'd have to be Italy. Or maybe New Zealand. Some place beautiful and peaceful.

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    A place I lived for 7 years, St. Louis Missouri!! I love it there!!

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    a cabin anywhere it snows. I guess where ever sundance film fest is.
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