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Thread: Windows 8 Preview!

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    Default Windows 8 Preview!

    The Windows 8 "Preview" is available for free from Microsoft now.
    Windows Metro Style Apps Developer Downloads (MS Site)
    Article: Microsoft Windows 8

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    I ran it in Virtualbox, and just installed it to a virtual drive. It isn't that good imho...

    Just figured it was worth mentioning that it may be an easier (and possibly better) route to run it on a VM than installing it to the hdd

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    It looks down right terrible, to be honest.

    I'm sticking with Windows 7.

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    Haven't downloaded it myself yet (too busy studying for an MCITP exam, might do next week if I have time), however I think the so-called "Metro" UI is really very good.
    I have a Windows Phone 7... phone, which also has the Metro UI and after a while using it I now find the UI on my iPad or my older iPhone downright archaic. It was a massive leap to make, as it's so completely different to any UI I'd used before, but it's a leap worth making IMHO.

    Honestly, after using a Metro UI for 8 months I'm convinced it's the future!

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    i had milestone 3 and really there wasn't that much difference. Might see what there developers preview is like tho.

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    I am still on XP and when that will no longer work it linux. I already have two computer running on mint 11 and it does everything i need but run old win programs and win 7 does not run them ether.
    I don't need 80% of the stuff on windows 7 and 8 will be the same that makes the price tag way more then windows is worth.

    All microsoft is doing is giving windows a paint job and reselling it with a tune up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anned View Post
    All microsoft is doing is giving windows a paint job and reselling it with a tune up.
    Cricky there seems to be a lot of Windows skepticism here for such a short thread!

    Before I go on I feel compelled to say I'm not a Windows fanatic myself. I'm an RHCE as well as an MCSE/MCITP (passed the exam this morning, woohoo!! ) and I've spent more of my professional life working with Unix & Linux than with Windows.
    In fact I think it's a good bet I'm probably the only person here, or if not one of only a very few, who's worked with an Oynx (no, not a pokemon-thingy-m-do-dad, one of these)!

    Major Windows versions like this aren't just "paint jobs", they do actually include some serious new engineering. Putting the sad face BSOD, Window 8 includes a new security and anti-malware system that initiates much earlier in the boot process than in previous versions of Windows. In fact probably earlier than in any other OS. And early tests seem to indicate it really works rather well.
    There's also the new development model for Metro-style apps, a Windows App Store to compete with the Mac App Store, and a whole new supported CPU architecture in the shape of ARM.

    It's a bit like the jumps between major RHEL versions, you get decent compatibility with the previous version or two, but also a whole heap of big changes and new stuff to learn!

    ---------- Post added 16-09-2011 at 15:21 ---------- Previous post was 15-09-2011 at 14:27 ----------

    Turns out Windows 8 replaces even more low level stuff than everyone thought - the entire Win32 runtime environment has been ripped out and replaced with a new one, WinRT, that apparently results in HTML/CSS/JavaScript performing as well as traditional managed code apps!

    Considering Win32 has been around for donkeys years, since Windows 95, that's a pretty big change to make!

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    I want my desknote back from California so I can throw it on a VM

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    I came across a really interesting iOS 5 and Windows 8 side-by-side (literally) comparison last night;

    How Windows 8 and iOS 5 Stack Up Side by Side

    It makes me wish I was a developer and I'd been at BUILD, so I could have gotten one of those cool, free tablets they were giving out!

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    They've got a lot of work to do, because it is pretty terrible now. The UI looks like it was developed by a third grader.

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