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Thread: My first Diaper Adventures!

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    Default My first Diaper Adventures!

    I bought my first diapers(a few months ago), and on my third pack. I want to summerize some of the diaper adventures I had.

    First day with a diaper, put one od shirst n and went to Jack in the Box for lunch. Baggy pants and shirt as always. Also, whent to Wal-mart and just walked around untill my diaper was soaked. I thought it could still hold more, but when I got in my car and sat down it leaked! So, I went to Target to change.

    Latter, I'm at home in another diaper and just wet it a little bit when my brother comes home early! He was right next to me and even rough-housed a little and he didn't notice.

    I went to buy more diapers today at Wal-Mart. I got the one item and went to the self check out. As I walk out the alarm goes off! The clerk stops me and looks at my ticket. I was just diapers. Oh well, I handled it like a champ. It didn't bother me at all. But, in my head i was thinking, "COME ON!! NO WAY!!"

    Fyi - i bought depends on these occations for convenience.

    AND... I bought a nuk5 paci with blue mouth piece. I have always been a thumb-sucker, but this was realy nice to try out.

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    very my 1st time was on eBay buy molicare then tena the best for me was molicare :-)

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