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Thread: Original Xbox, live?

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    Default Original Xbox, live?

    I was wondering does Live still work on the Original Xbox? I just pulled it out, and I stuck my ethernet cable in it, I never signed up for live, so when I try to do it, I need a subscription code O.o.

    Anyways, I was wondering, can you still buy Live for it?

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    I believe Live is the same for both...But I don't know how many people actually still play the old Xbox games

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    All I really care about is Halo 2, and Phantasy star online (I bought it off ebay not realizing it was online only =/, stupid me, that was like a year and a half ago.)

    And really? So I could sign up for xbox 360 live and use it on my original xbox?

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    Oh...Well it should still work...Just remember that playing those games online is pretty much the only thing you can really do with Silver/Gold Live

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    Yeah, lol and I didn't realize the prices, I mean come on 29 bucks for 3 months O.o, that's just stupid when PS3 AND Wii give free online, plus they aren't making money like microsoft.

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    Well I think it's cheaper to get the whole 12+1 month thing for like $50 or so...It's true that Wii and PS3 are free, but Live is more popular...And Wii has the drawback of friend codes...

    Quote Originally Posted by Samaki View Post
    And really? So I could sign up for xbox 360 live and use it on my original xbox?
    Does it say there are different kinds? If it does, then I guess you wouldn't be able to use them on either...But they may be a way to like upgrade from regular Xbox Live to 360 Live

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    Halo 2 is backwards compatable, and if I recall correctly Phantasy Star requires a monthly fee.

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    Yes, you can you your 360 Xbox Live for Original Xbox games. Just the other day I was playing Fable on my 360, but had logged into Xbox Live.

    Xbox Live must have something over PS3 and Wii, cause I have a friend at work, gloats all the time about his PS3 and free online, but he has an Xbox360 and still pays for Live. =_=

    I personally think its worth the subscription, not to mention I just got a month free by winning on that GTAIV sweepstakes back in February. Anyways, thats just my opinion. They do have a free Xbox Live Silver Membership, which lets you do everything like download movies, demoes, DLC for games.. it lets you talk to people on your friends list... everything but play online multiplayer, which you need the gold membership for... if you get a new 360 game by Microsoft Game Studios.... then most of the time it'll come with one month free

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