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Thread: First wetting?

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    Default First wetting?

    I was just wondering what you guys think do you like the first wetting of a fresh diaper the best or the last one to the point of almost leaking? For me its definitely the first one

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    The first and the last are always the same for me; I mostly use baby diapers, and they can only be relied upon to hold one adult-sized wetting. So I guess the answer is: Both! (Sort of.)


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    Hmm, i like the first part the most. Although the last is pretty fun too, it feels all warm, but it is super hard to keep from leaking when you don't have the best of diapers. So I like the first most of all, because i can just let go.

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    First. You don't have to worry about leaking as much

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    I agree; first. But secondary wettings can also be nice... just often by that point the pulp goes uneven and I worry about leaks

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    I like how poofy they get after a while and the risk of leaking, but only when home/in private. I actually find it typically difficult to let the first part start and have to focus too much.

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    I enjoy the first wetting the most. You can feel the biggest difference compared to the dry diaper and it's safe. I can't enjoy it as much if I have to worry about leaks.

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    If my bladder is full, then the first. But if I only have to go a little bit I prefer a second or third one, because I love the feel of a full wet diaper - the warmth, the sqeezing between my legs.

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    I like the feel of a full diaper, but the feeling of flooding it is probably my favorite, especially when you can hear it the sound of the urine hitting the inside of the diaper, and you can see/ feel the diaper expanding.

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    Second wetting, enough wetness quite bulky and its not gonna leak any time soon.

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